May 24, 2006 10:15 ET

The Ville de Montreal General Auditor Tables his 4th Annual Report

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(CCNMatthews - May 24, 2006) - The general auditor of the Ville de Montreal, Michel Doyon, tabled his 2005 annual report at the city council meeting of May 23, 2006. This report is a complement to the 2005 financial statement audit report, which was tabled on March 30, 2006, in accordance with the Cities and Towns Act.


Certain weaknesses have been reported regarding security of the e-Cite online government program. The audit consisted of ensuring that the strategy would achieve specific objectives, that appropriate control mechanisms have been integrated and that the delivery of electronic services has contributed to reaching objectives. The auditor regrets that the Direction du greffe (city clerk's department) was not consulted regarding the protection of personal information for the various service deliveries. Also, a main mechanism to compile the cost of electronic service deliveries does not exist, and a benefits chart has been completed for only three of the eight service deliveries in operation.

The e-Cite project includes a Web payment solution which was audited. The Bureau du verificateur general (auditor's office) observed that no financial risk assessment was provided for before electronic service delivery deployment and that the validation mechanism recommended by computer system security was not implemented.

Weaknesses have been observed in city measures to make sure that the real- estate stock remains healthy enough to meet the needs of residents and employees. The audit highlighted the fact that none of the managers interviewed knew the existence of the policy on equipment and infrastructures. Incidentally, none of the stakeholders was aware of the actual condition of the buildings. The Bureau estimates the maintenance deficit of the buildings at approximately $300 million.

The Bureau du verificateur general examined city measures to achieve the objectives set out in the Quebec policy on residual waste management. It has been observed that 29.3% only of residual waste was recovered in 2003, with 60% as an objective. The average cost of recovered materials is $230 per tonne. However, a large variance exists between the boroughs, where costs range between $100 and more than $300 per tonne.

As for industrial wastes, the auditor examined city control measures to make sure that by-laws 87 and 90 were applied. These by-laws regulate, respectively, amounts of toxic contaminants discharged into the sewers and atmospheric emissions that may be harmful to the health and welfare of residents. Among the 169 permits and authorizations examined in June 2005, 40% have been pending for 18 months or more, and 40% of the requests received in 2004 have been pending for 348 days on average. Only 75 of the 337 visits scheduled in 2004 were completed as part of the program of scheduled visits to business.

Study of the graffiti removal program on private property revealed that within the tourist perimeter, cleanup management costs totaled $153,000, while the cost of the operation totaled only $102,000.

The audit carried out at the wastewater treatment plant revealed that the standards and regulations have been met in terms of phosphorous, suspended particles, overflow, ashes and atmospheric emission. Efforts have been made to solve problems related to the wastewater sanitation system and implementation of an automated valve control system.

Finally, the auditor examined management the 911call centre, which revealed that call center practices were adequate, especially in terms of availability of services, call processing methods, performance criteria, service quality assessment, operations stability and security, and automated general controls for data integrity and availability.

The Commission permanente du conseil sur les finances, les services administratifs et le capital humain will hold a public study of the 2005 annual report, which will take place on May 30, 2006 at 7 p.m. in the council chamber of city hall. Montrealers are invited to question the auditor about this report.

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