June 22, 2010 16:39 ET

This Recession Is "GREAT!" Real Estate Investors at™ Say 'Bring It On' and Here's Why™, a Free Online Community for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investors, Is Cheering on the Economic Downturn and Here's Why

HENDERSON, NV--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  Despite the dwindling economy, there's a small group of real estate investors who are actually cheering on the plunge of real estate markets and the rise in unemployment. Some may call this group "vultures." Yet there are homeowners, builders, and even banks that are in crises, who call them "saviors."

Unfortunately, there may not be enough of those saviors to go around...

The problem? Some real estate investors got hurt making bad market timing decisions during the last credit cycle. Unfortunately, investors who have sidelined themselves may be letting the deal of a lifetime pass them by.

According to a recent survey published by™, a small but fast-growing online community that connects real estate investors to investment properties and willing investor lenders for financing, the three biggest challenges faced by investors these days are:

  1. Finding Real Estate Investor Loans to Fund Deals;
  2. Overcoming The Fear of Real Estate Investing in a Downturn;
  3. Finding True Real Estate Investment Properties for Acquisition.

"In crisis there is opportunity! What all the strategic residential and commercial real estate investors recognize today is that there's more deals, with bigger profits available during an economic downturn," says a source at™ that chooses to remain anonymous. That seems to suggest that in today's market, it may be a better time to be investing in real estate.

But what if you're an investor sitting on the sidelines?

"That's easy", says another representative at™. "With lots of hungry real estate investors hunting for great investment properties, instead of financing it yourself, just present the deal to a hungry buyer, and make your money with an upfront payment or equity stake." The solution it seems, is in the network. 

For investors sitting on the sidelines,™ recommends you become "a deal matchmaker" that does not require financing, so you can still earn nice profits.

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