SOURCE: Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc.

January 03, 2008 08:00 ET

Thompson Revs up Campaign Ahead of Iowa Caucuses

Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc., Home of "Official Fred Thompson Store" Online, Features Commemorative Buttons,Thompson Video and Campaign Message

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 3, 2008) - Fred Thompson and the other presidential candidates are finally about to see results of months of campaigning, as Iowa voters declare their preferences Thursday in the first-in-the nation caucuses.

Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc. (ELBusa), one of the nation's largest promotional button manufacturers, today unveiled a 17-minute Fred Thompson video on the official Fred Thompson store website, touting the message Thompson carried to voters on a 50-city tour in Iowa. Additionally, Everyone Loves Buttons, Inc. is announcing that commemorative buttons were distributed in Iowa by the Friends of Fred Thompson, Inc. ELBusa developed, owns and manages Visitors to the site, prominently linked from the candidate's main website (, can purchase official licensed products to promote Sen. Thompson's candidacy.

"We are proud to post his message directed not only to Iowa, but the rest of the nation," said ELBusa Owner and President Maura Statman, whose company is also the only woman-owned business providing official licensed promotional products in the 2008 GOP Presidential Campaign, handling campaign materials for Fred Thompson's bid for the Republican nomination.

The Iowa caucuses represent the ground floor of American democracy -- the true grassroots -- at which citizens gather at nearly 1,800 precincts to express their preference for their party's presidential nominee.

The Fred Thompson video specifically outlines his plans on issues such as Social Security reform, immigration and national security issues when he is elected president.

"These conservative movement principles we adopted several years ago are under assault from left-wing, big government, high taxing, Democratic party candidates, whose leadership is licking its chops in waiting to take the reins of government," Thompson said on the video. "On Jan. 3, people of Iowa are going to answer a fundamental question of who's the man they want to represent and stand up against the assault on these principles of a flatter income tax plan, which takes away power from the IRS, solutions to our illegal immigration mess, a way to save the Social Security System that is going bankrupt and a stronger military ready to fight threats of a dangerous world."

"Fred Thompson is the clear consistent conservative who is the most honorable candidate," said Statman.

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