May 04, 2010 09:04 ET

Three Fastest Growing Sectors of the Software Industry Converge: InXpo Makes the Virtual World More Social

InXpo Social Suite™ Is the First to Integrate Social Media, Gaming and Virtual Event Experiences

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 4, 2010) -  Virtual events innovator, InXpo ( launches InXpo Social Suite™, a unique combination of tools that combines the power of social media, with the 'stickiness' of online gaming to create highly engaging virtual experiences for its clients. This unique combination of features and functionality could only be integrated on the most flexible and open platform designed for just this kind of convergence, InXpo. With today's introduction of the InXpo Social Suite, InXpo is the first virtual event platform to harness the power of social marketing, social gaming and virtual experiences to transform the way people interact on the internet.

With the InXpo Social Suite, organizations can now easily engage and build vibrant interactions by connecting existing communities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with the peer-to-peer engagement of games -- all on one platform, virtually.

"We are witnessing an important shift in how organizations connect with their customers and their own people," stated Chris Meyer, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, InXpo. "By incorporating these three transformative technologies -- virtual, games and social media -- in our powerful virtual platform, organizations have entirely new ways to connect people, foster education and improve productivity, all within a single virtual environment."

Erica Driver, co-founder and Principal, ThinkBalm, added, "Providing the right balance of social interaction and friendly competitiveness with games helps drive deeper levels of interaction, learning and collaboration. By integrating social and gaming features within InXpo's virtual platform, the company will be able to help its customers deliver even more engaging virtual experiences."

Flexible, Open Social Space
The pace of change in social tools and communities can be overwhelming, but the open InXpo platform simplifies the challenge by combining the most popular applications into a simple single 'suite.' The InXpo Social Suite is a scalable, flexible and expandable space that can be placed in any destination within a virtual environment, such as the auditorium, exhibit booth or lounge, meeting rooms, wherever people congregate.

And by leveraging best practices to encourage collaboration and networking, all activity generated within this social space is amplified through attendees' own social networks, creating a word-of-mouth wave that promotes the event, attracts new audiences and increases the impact of your event.

Gaming -- Most Powerful Social Community
Games, such as World of Warcraft, Farmville and others, are very social communities that encourage peer-to-peer engagement and teamwork. With "more than two-thirds of all American households playing games"1, it is a natural extension of the social communication toolkit. No better example of the power of games to promote learning and social engagement comes to mind than the Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX), Cisco's annual global sales meeting that was developed by Juxt Interactive on the InXpo platform.

To inject fun, competition and teamwork within the entirely virtual experience for more than 19,000 sales members, Cisco GSX incorporated a 4-week alternate reality game titled The Threshold. The premise for the game was an acquisition of a company with innovative technology that was interrupted when a researcher was kidnapped. Solving the mystery challenged members to better understand the marketplace, technology and creatively uncover clues to this global virtual treasure hunt. The games were wildly successful at engaging and educating sales people with over 13,000 active players around the world.

Get Virtual. Get Social.
Already integrated with Twitter and Ustream, the InXpo Social Suite expands an event's social footprint by:

  • driving pre-event buzz with expanded Twitter functionality that allows audiences to respond to and view all tweets associated with a hashtag (attached to the virtual event, sponsor or exhibitor) within a single 'suite';
  • updating your Facebook wall with event-related discussions;
  • viewing existing connections on LinkedIn to drive peer-to-peer networking;
  • promoting conversation with the ability to invite multiple people to a text or video-based private chat;
  • increasing peer-to-peer engagement with game widgets that can be customized with the company's brand and messages, beginning with Trivia Challenge and Word Scramble; and
  • adding friendly competition with a leaderboard to provide a real-time display of top game players and teams.

Additional Information:

  • The InXpo Social Suite will be available on May 7, 2010, with games licensed on a per event basis.
  • The InXpo Social Suite will also be integrated with XpoCast, the company's innovative webcasting solution.
  • Image of the social integration within an Auditorium:
  • Image of the social integration within a Lounge:
  • Image of the Game Leaderboard:
  • InXpo Social Suite Presentation and Industry Stats: Summary of the InXpo Social Suite, as well as industry research and stats regarding social media, games and virtual events.

About InXpo Inc.
InXpo is the leading provider of privately branded virtual events and virtual business environments that connect, engage and educate audiences. The InXpo Platform delivers a full suite of applications including Virtual Trade Shows, Virtual Career Fairs, Virtual Events & Conferences, and Virtual Communities as well as Audio and Video Webcasts. These virtual solutions are transforming the web by dramatically reducing travel time and related costs, in addition to making the world a greener place to live.

InXpo enables organizations to cost-effectively communicate with their worldwide communities for lead generation, peer-to-peer networking, training, internal and external communications, as well as generate new online revenue opportunities. InXpo has delivered more than 1,000 successful virtual events and experiences for global customers and publishers including AAA, Cisco, Forbes, HIMSS, GE Healthcare, PennWell, SAP, TechTarget, UBM and Ziff Davis Enterprises. The company is headquartered in Chicago. For more information, visit

1"Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry," Entertainment Software Association, 2009,

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