September 12, 2005 11:00 ET

Thunderbird Technologies Partners With ATDF to Develop Mid-Bandgap Transistors for Existing CMOS Processes

Relationship to Extend Planar CMOS Processes and Accelerate Development of Advanced Design Libraries

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC and AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2005 -- In an effort to accelerate the availability of advanced design libraries for planar CMOS processes, Thunderbird Technologies today announced its participation as the supplier of mid-bandgap transistor architectures in a CMOS development program led by ATDF. Thunderbird will provide device consulting and simulation services for this advanced R&D program at ATDF, which specializes in services involving technology development, wafer processing, and analytical and electrical testing.

The ATDF development program focuses on optimizing the mid-bandgap device characteristics for transistor technology at 90-nm and below. Fermi-FET® is the first of a variety of mid-bandgap transistors that utilize existing manufacturing processes to provide the industry with an immediate design solution for keeping pace with Moore's Law and the requirements set forth by the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS 2004, Emerging Research Devices).

This R&D program is being initiated by ATDF to accelerate its customers' development efforts from research to manufacturing. This partnership will enable ATDF to quickly establish its development expertise for mid-bandgap work function technology.

Compared to emerging research devices, Fermi-FET is a low cost, mid-bandgap, planar CMOS transistor architecture that does not require a high-k gate insulator, providing the industry with a device that is highly manufacturable and significantly more reliable than conventional CMOS devices, and extending the life of bulk silicon to the 22-nm node and below.

"ATDF is pleased to have Thunderbird as a partner on this advanced technology program," said Dr. Shuji Ikeda, Corporate Director of Technology for ATDF. "This partnership facilitates our ability to undertake customer-funded development programs in the mid-bandgap arena."

"We are very pleased to be working with ATDF to provide the industry with the ability to extend the technology roadmap for bulk silicon," noted Drew Vinal, President of Thunderbird Technologies. "Our evolutionary device solution provides more degrees of freedom to achieve advanced operating characteristics than conventional MOSFET architectures, while maintaining compatibility with existing CMOS processes, manufacturing equipment, and software design tool methodologies."

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Thunderbird Technologies is the world's leading innovator of mid-bandgap engineered device technology for planar CMOS processes. Thunderbird's intellectual property and consulting services enable semiconductor manufacturers to create new market opportunities while maintaining compatibility with the industry's existing development infrastructure. For more information, visit the company's website located at

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ATDF, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEMATECH, is a leading technology R&D center where research meets manufacturing for semiconductor manufacturers, equipment and materials suppliers, and others. ATDF customers can confidentially test new designs, integration methodologies, and prototype systems while protecting their own intellectual property, and development partners can work closely with one another in a custom manufacturing environment. ATDF also develops baseline processes, accepted industry-wide, that bring new tools and materials to manufacturing faster, at lower cost. More information can be found at

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