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April 12, 2010 18:48 ET

Tiger Shark Golf Finishes 1st in Putting at The Masters

WARREN, MI--(Marketwire - April 12, 2010) -  In a world where professional golfers are paid millions to play golf equipment and receive free product on a weekly basis, one golfer is following the road less traveled. The player who finished tied for 14th at The Masters Sunday played a Tiger Shark Golf Great White putter and Tiger Shark oversized putter grip that he purchased at a golf retail shop just days before the event. He worked with the new putter at the beginning of the week and officially put it in his bag for The Masters, leading him to only 109 total putts, and the #1 ranking in putting at the 2010 Masters. The putter and grip combination led the player to finish 3 putts better than the next closest competitor.

The current 41st ranked player on the PGA Tour had been hitting the ball incredibly well all year, but struggling with his putting headed into the 74th Masters tournament. He spent all of last week working with his swing coach and found that part of his problem on the greens was that he had his hands too far in front of the ball. It was the day he was leaving for Augusta and he and his coach went to PGA Tour Superstore in Arizona to try to find a non-offset center shafted putter to help get the feeling of his hands in the right place.

He found his answer in a $59 Tiger Shark Great White GW-8 center shafted putter featuring Tiger Shark's UltraTac jumbo putter grip. The former UNLV graduate said he loves the larger grip and likes the position that the non-offset center shaft gets his hands. He improved his putting stats by over a stroke and a half over his season average on the slick Augusta greens.

"With all of the free equipment that is available to a professional golfer, it is refreshing to hear a story like this where a pro buys his own putter at a golf shop the week before The Masters and then finishes #1 in putting," said Tiger Shark President Dean Dingman. "We are honored that our putter and grip could help Ryan improve his putting at the world's biggest golf tournament."

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