Nanoose First Nation

June 18, 2010 16:49 ET

Time for Fall Parties to Act to Protect Coastal Douglas Fir Eco-System

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) - The Snaw-naw-as First Nation welcomes the finding of the Forest Practices Board that protection of the Coastal Douglas Fir Eco-System will require cooperation and commitment from all parties, including private land owners, regional districts and municipalities. As Al Gorley, the Chair of the Board noted: "Taken in isolation, DL 33 is important, but is not the real issue." It is Snaw-naw-as' hope that the efforts that have been directed against Snaw-naw-as will now be turned to the more significant and meaningful question of how everyone is going to work together to protect Coastal Douglas Fir on private and local government lands. It is our hope that as part of developing an overall land use plan for Snaw-naw-as Territory, the Provincial government will finally use its powers to limit the development and harvesting of private forest lands and the unfettered development of private lands at the expense of ecological integrity.

Snaw-naw-as is disappointed in the Forest Practices Board's failure to deal with the inadequacies of its own earlier processes and Crown consultation. The Board's earlier recommendations to protect coastal Douglas Fir on Crown Land failed to take into account Snaw-naw-as' constitutional rights and the very real damage that has been done to these rights by the privatization of so much of our territory. The Board's earlier recommendations effectively put much of the burden of conservation on Snaw-naw-as without recognizing and insisting upon the necessary role in this effort that must be played by private and local government landowners.

Snaw-naw-as will continue to work with the Provincial government and local governments to find solutions to our mutual problems. As a part of this Snaw-naw-as expects that the government will honour the serious obligations imposed upon it by our Douglas Treaty and Canada's Constitution.

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