SOURCE: The Law Offices of David B. Shaev

December 21, 2007 09:00 ET

Tis' the Season to Go Bankrupt

Lawyer David Shaev Informs the Media, Helps the Everyman

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 21, 2007) - David Shaev a consumer bankruptcy attorney in New York City has been helping people face down and workout their financial challenges for over 25 years. Now he is lending a helping hand to the media, explaining the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process in an effort to help the public at large.

Shaev has been quoted as well as spoken on background for media outlets such as Business Week, CBS, Crain's, The New York Times, The New York Law Journal and the New York Daily News, among others. His understanding of the relationship between the economy, finance and bankruptcy makes him the perfect go to man in bankruptcy, an area often fraught with complexity and fear.

"When the Federal Reserve only lowered its rate a quarter of a point last week, a sense of holiday cheer went out of the stock markets. What started to look a lot like a Santa Claus rally turned instead into what might be called the 'Down Jones.' While there has been a lot of focus on market dynamics, the amount of attention paid to the plight of the average person has gone largely ignored," said Shaev.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, recently brought up one of the ugliest words in the economic lexicon, stagflation. Stagflation is that harrowing mix of very low, no or negative growth, mixed with prices marching upwards -- stagnation and inflation at the same time. Stagflation is sure to increase the number of bankruptcies nationwide, as consumers struggle to make ends meet.

Not only does Shaev work to afford his clients the maximum protection afforded by bankruptcy law, he gives his clients compelling advice on setting their financial futures straight. It is this kind of philosophy that is turning him more and more into the media's go-to man on bankruptcy.

Here is more high value information typical of Dave Shaev, "What consumers need to know, is that even after a discharge in bankruptcy, they must vigilantly review their credit reports on a periodic basis to check for incorrect information such as a debt listed on the report that was discharged in bankruptcy. The listing of the debt impedes the individual from receiving credit, and particularly costs the individuals when he or she attempts to lease or buy a car, rent an apartment or purchase a home. I can guarantee that the individual will pay more than they should in their future endeavors if their credit report is wrong."

"The sub-prime mortgage fiasco is increasing foreclosure rates and consequently sending more people to my office for help. Information needs to be made readily available to the general public about their options and this is what I am dedicating myself to."

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