Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.

Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.

December 01, 2005 14:13 ET

Toronto's civic centres get a $4.2-million energy efficiency makeover

Toronto Hydro Energy Services leads key project for meeting the city's energy reduction targets.

TORONTO--(CCNMatthews - Dec. 1) - Civic centres in Toronto are on track to realize substantial energy cost savings and significant environmental benefits through an extensive energy efficiency retrofit. Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. is providing complete energy engineering and project services for all proposed improvements. The project was undertaken by the City of Toronto's Energy and Waste Management Office to help the City meet its target of reducing energy consumption by 20 percent of year 1988 levels by 2005.

Fourteen city-owned public buildings are affected by the $4.2-million project, including Metro Hall, City Hall, North York Civic Centre, East York Civic Centre and Scarborough Civic Centre. The goal is to lower energy consumption, costs and reduce greenhouse gases. Estimated annual electricity savings total 6,730,000 kWh. Reduction in annual natural gas consumption is 100,293 cubic metres. Overall the energy savings from the implemented measures will result in a reduction of 2,222 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions annually.

"The budgetary and environmental benefits of Toronto Hydro Energy Services' work are substantial," said Jim Kamstra, Manager, Energy and Waste Management Office, City of Toronto. "The capital cost of the project is funded through City Council's Energy Retrofit Program. The energy savings of $525,000 per year will provide a simple payback of the project's costs in 7.6 years. Thereafter these savings will be used to fund future energy-saving projects." In addition, the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions will contribute to Kyoto Protocol targets and the City's environmental goals.

Toronto Hydro Energy Services has extensive knowledge of the civic centre facilities, having performed an energy audit and energy efficiency feasibility study in 2002. Energy-saving opportunities identified ranged from the improvement of building envelopes, increasing the power factor -- a measure of the effectiveness of electricity delivered, and employing CO2 sensors to regulate ventilation, to more innovative measures such as implementing the latest technology to a massive lighting retrofit at Metro Hall, upgrading and integrating the business automation systems to link several facilities via centralized control and the use of solar walls to reduce heating demands.

Chris Tyrrell, General Manager at Toronto Hydro Energy Services said, "This project demonstrates the type of energy efficiency improvements, environmental benefits and sustainable energy savings that are possible when facilities managers can take a longer-term view and invest in energy-saving capital improvements that will continue to pay dividends well beyond the initial payback period. The work we're doing at the civic centres is a wise investment for the future."

The project comes under the Performance Design Build service offered by Toronto Hydro Energy Services, which combines a traditional energy engineering design-build service with a performance guarantee of the energy savings. Through Performance Design Build, the Toronto Hydro Energy Services team thoroughly assesses the energy savings potential of a facility on a variety of measures to identify the maximum energy savings. Performance Design Build provides complete turnkey project services to implement the proposed measures and post-implementation monitoring and verification of results. Performance of the projected energy savings are guaranteed -- if 85 percent of the savings are not realized within the first year, Toronto Hydro Energy Services will make up the difference.

"Toronto Hydro Energy Services has extensive experience in energy management and they proposed a variety of solutions and new technologies that were attractive to the City from both an energy conservation and environmental perspective," said Elena Gruia, P.Eng., Project Manager, Energy and Waste Management Office, City of Toronto. The solar wall proposed for Scadding Court Community Centre, is an example. The solar wall is a perforated sheet-metal wall installed adjacent to a building that draws air through the holes, heating it with solar energy before passing it into the building. Heating provided by a solar wall like the one proposed for Scadding Court Community Centre will save 11,914 cubic metres of natural gas annually, results in no harmful admissions and uses 100 percent renewable energy.

The civic centres project is expected to be completed early in 2006 but the city is already seeing significant energy savings. At Metro Hall, Toronto Hydro Energy Services replaced approximately 20,000 32-watt florescent lamps with the latest in energy efficiency -- 25-watt florescent tubes. This $700,000 lighting retrofit began yielding results immediately -- electricity savings of over $10,000 per year.

"We are extremely pleased with the results so far and the work of Toronto Hydro Energy Services," said Jim Kamstra. "The buildings involved are all well used by the public and Toronto Hydro Energy Services has made every effort to minimize any disruptions to the services we provide to Torontonians."

City-owned facilities involved in the energy efficiency project are:

City Hall Scadding Court Community Centre

Metro Hall Harbourfront Community Centre

North York Civic Centre 703 Don Mills Road

East York Civic Centre 18 Dyas Road

Scarborough Civic Centre Police Garage

Eastview Community Centre Swansea Town Hall

1530 Markham Road Scadding Court

Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc. provides energy efficiency engineering and project services to help commercial and industrial customers lower their energy consumption and control utility costs. Over the years, the company has saved customers millions of dollars through energy procurement contracts and energy efficiency projects. Toronto Hydro Energy Services draws its customers from both the private and public sector throughout Ontario, having successfully delivered sustainable energy savings to leading businesses, property management firms, multi-residential buildings, industrial sector, institutions such as hospitals and government-owned buildings.

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