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January 07, 2008 08:30 ET

TotalView Technologies Partners With International Software Distributor Lifeboat Distribution

Lifeboat to Distribute TotalView Technologies Products Through Reseller Networks in Europe, Asia and Latin America

NATICK, MA--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - TotalView Technologies, the world's leading provider of scalable debugging and analysis software solutions for the multi-core era, today announced that it has partnered with international specialty software distributor Lifeboat Distribution to resell its advanced TotalView® and MemoryScape debuggers in selected countries in the European, Asian and Latin American markets. Additionally, Lifeboat will offer TotalView Technologies maintenance, training and documentation in these markets.

Lifeboat Distribution services an extensive network of international solution providers, VARs, systems integrators, consultants and application developers worldwide, supporting them with a variety of programs including pre-sale consultative advice, in-depth product information, licensing options and marketing programs. Lifeboat will work to recruit and build a network of TotalView Technologies solution providers in the designated countries, and help power that network to drive incremental revenues for TotalView Technologies.

"We're pleased to add the TotalView Debugger and MemoryScape to our application lifecycle management tools portfolio," said Dan Jamieson, vice president and general manager of Lifeboat Distribution. "These leading-edge products offer valuable software and services opportunities for our international reseller network, as they address the application development, test and quality assurance needs of their customers."

TotalView, a comprehensive source code and optional memory debugging solution, is the most advanced debugger for UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X and is the market leader in parallel programming techniques used in multi-core environments such as threads, MPI, and OpenMP written in C, C++, FORTRAN and UPC. TotalView dramatically enhances developer productivity by simplifying the process of debugging data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded or network-distributed applications. Built to handle the complexities of the world's most demanding applications, TotalView Debugger is robust and easy to use, with an intuitive GUI that helps users quickly isolate and identify the root cause of problems.

MemoryScape is a graphical, interactive memory debugger that helps developers, build engineers, and QA testers identify, inspect and resolve difficult memory problems in C, C++ and FORTRAN, including complex multi-process and multi-threaded programs. Designed to be an integrated part of the software development process, MemoryScape enables developers to monitor heap memory, view memory usage, locate memory leaks, track memory events and show corrupted memory, while an application is running. Developers can also save and compare memory states and compile sophisticated memory reports. MemoryScape is non-intrusive, so developers can find memory problems without recompiling, and without waiting all day for even the smallest test to run.

"Lifeboat Distribution is skilled in distributing and reselling technical software tools and is quickly becoming an integral player in the international software reseller market," said Jim Chafel, vice president of business development at TotalView Technologies. "We are excited to take advantage of its extensive network to reach a wider range of multi-core programmers around the world."

About TotalView Technologies

TotalView Technologies is the world's leading provider of scalable debugging and analysis software solutions for the multi-core era. TotalView Technologies products enable software developers to quickly, easily and effectively debug UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X applications running on development machines with single, dual-core, multi-core, or multiple processors.

For more than 20 years, TotalView Technologies products have been at work in research institutions, government laboratories, and technical computing centers, as well as commercial enterprises in the financial services, telecommunications, biotech, aerospace, weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration, and computer-aided engineering markets. Recognized worldwide as the gold standard for debugging in high-performance, distributed or cluster computing environments, TotalView Technologies' award-winning technology is used to solve the world's toughest computing problems on many of the world's largest supercomputers. For more information, visit

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Lifeboat Distribution, a subsidiary of Wayside Technology Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WSTG), is an international specialty software distributor for virtualization, security, application and network infrastructure, business continuity/disaster recovery, database infrastructure and management, application lifecycle management, science/engineering, and other technically sophisticated products. The company helps software publishers recruit and build multinational solution provider networks, power their networks, and drive incremental sales revenues that complement existing sales channels.

Lifeboat Distribution services thousands of solution providers, VARs, systems integrators, corporate resellers, and consultants worldwide, helping them power a rich opportunity stream, expand their margin and services revenues, and build profitable product and service businesses. For more information, visit, or call +1.800.847.7078 or +1.732.389.0037.

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