Aquarius Media plc

December 09, 2009 04:43 ET

Trading Update

9 December 2009

                                            AQUARIUS MEDIA PLC
                                       ("Aquarius" or the "Company")
                                              Trading Update
The Directors of Aquarius are pleased to report the following update in trading.

Dating  experts  Love Systems, have appointed Full Portion Media to represent them in the UK  for  a  three
month  contract. The company teaches men the social skills necessary to romance and seduce  even  the  most
beautiful  of  women! Their seminars are taught in over 40 cities in 12 countries around  the  world.  Love
Systems'  publicity  team is headed up by Natalie Whitlock, Account Director, whose  clients  also  include
Crystal Palace football club Chairman Simon Jordan and motor offence solicitor Jeanette Miller.

Full  Portion  Media  has  signed  Property  Expert Sarah  Barrett  as  a  recent  client  for  a  6  month
campaign. Sarah specialises in creative property solutions and believes it's never about the property; it's
always  about the people. She recently bought her dream home for £1.3million for £1 and has no mortgage  on
it!  Account  Director Natalie Whitlock will be heading up the account, she has worked with other  property
personalities including Raj Shastri and Glenn Armstrong.

Full  Portion Media has re-signed luxury fine wine, champagne and spirits distributors Vanquish Wine for  a
three month term. After a 6 month break, Vanquish have returned to the company to re-ignite their campaign.
The account is headed up by Account Director Natalie Whitlock who previously worked with the company over a
2 year period.

The  James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer has engaged Full Portion Media to raise its profile both regionally
and  nationally for a six month campaign. The account is headed up by Account Manager Erin Woodward,  whose
other clients include Plastic Surgery Partners and Food Scientist Kumud Gandi.

The Directors accept responsibility for this announcement.


Aquarius Media plc:              Adam Ward                Tel: 01732 836 180

Fisher Corporate Plc:            Carolyn Hazard           Tel: 0207 388 7000

The  Company's business activities are conducted through its trading subsidiary, Full Portion Media Limited
("Full Portion"). Full  Portion  is  a  public relations business which aims to create, launch and  sustain
clients   in  prominent   positions  within  the  media.  Full Portion takes a very  hands-on  approach  to
public  relations, organising day events, promotion sales and launches, press conferences, media interviews
and reviews.  It also provides guidance to clients on managing media interest.

Full  Portion's strategy is to expand its client base and exploit the rapidly escalating interest from  the
public in the cult of celebrity.

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