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December 01, 2008 16:45 ET

Traffic Logix Speed Cushions Keep Roads Safe in Cote St. Luc, Quebec

COTE ST. LUC, QC--(Marketwire - December 1, 2008) - Charles Senekal, a traffic engineer for the city of Cote St. Luc, a suburb of Montreal, didn't even know speed cushions existed. When a colleague referred him to the Traffic Logix website, he was excited to find these split traffic calming solutions. The city was looking to slow cars on a busy city street and speed humps were not an option because of emergency vehicles. Speed cushions offered just the solution the city needed.

The speed cushions were installed on Mackle Rd., a busy street across from Elliott Trudeau Park, the biggest and busiest park in the city. In addition to the park, the road is home to a hospital, public works office, Synagogue, school sports field, and sports center with a swimming pool. Further down, the road is residential. Mackle Rd. is often used by commuters to get to work as well.

While speeding has been a concern on the street for quite some time, the city hadn't installed any physical traffic calming solutions because they didn't want to slow emergency vehicles. A police presence is in place on the park road but the city recognized that this was not sufficient. A permanent physical solution was needed. The rubber speed cushions, which resemble a split speed hump, are installed across the width of the four-lane road. Four cushions were installed, one in each of the street's lanes. Cars must drive with one or both wheels on the cushion, causing them to slow to safer speeds. Ambulances or fire trucks, however, can straddle the cushions due to their wider wheel bases.

A speed study was conducted before the speed cushions were installed to provide comparison data to estimate the effectiveness of the cushions. The study found that the 85th percentile speed was between 53-55 kilometers per hour (33-34 mph), an extremely unsafe speed in the 30 kilometer per hour (19 mph) park zone.

The street where the speed cushions were installed has a crosswalk to help pedestrians traverse it. The crosswalk leads from a car parking lot to the Elliott Trudeau Park, one of the city's finest park and recreation facilities with sport fields and a skating rink. However, due to the crosswalk, the cushions were staggered across the street instead of being installed directly across it. While most motorists still slow down for the cushions, some veer into the middle of the street to avoid the cushions. The city intends to solve this by installing bollards down the middle of the street. While the post traffic study will not be conducted until these bollards are in place, Mr. Senekal expressed his confidence that the speed cushions are working.

The rubber Traffic Logix speed cushions are the first rubber traffic calming solutions the city has used. They often use asphalt humps to calm traffic on residential roads. While the compatibility with emergency vehicles was the primary reason for the rubber products, the city is also excited that the products can be removed in the winter for snow cleaning. The asphalt humps can sometimes get in the way of snow removal, particularly when they are high. In addition, with the rising costs of asphalt, they are getting quite expensive to install. A recent hump installation cost the city $4,000, an installation that not too long ago would have cost only $1,500. "We could've put four cushions in for a lot less," commented Mr. Senekal.

The goal of Cote St. Luc with the speed cushions on Mackle Rd. is to bring the speed back to the 30 kph (19 mph) park zone speed limit. When asked if he feels the cushions are doing the job of slowing cars down, Mr. Senekal answered in the affirmative. "I am 100% sure they are working," he said. Traffic Logix manufactures a complete line of traffic calming solutions including rubber speed humps, speed tables, cushions, rubber curbing for traffic circles or street narrowing, and next generation radar speed signs. To learn more, visit

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