Dot to Dot Consulting Group

Dot to Dot Consulting Group

March 04, 2010 14:33 ET

Transition Planning in Healthcare Capital Development Increases Profile With New Website Launch

MARKHAM, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 4, 2010) -

Dot to Dot Consulting Group, Canada's leading provider of Transition Planning for Capital Development projects in healthcare has launched a website at The site is dedicated to increase awareness about how operational transition and occupancy planning plays a critical role in successful healthcare capital development projects. The new site is customer focused with thought leadership resources on transition planning and operational readiness in healthcare construction projects.

"Dot to Dot is familiar with how complex redevelopment projects can be," said Patricia Santiago-Sorrell, Principal at Dot to Dot Consulting Group. The website provides insight on the importance of having an experienced project team implementing the organization's transition plans. Occupancy planning is an emerging area within capital redevelopment projects and Dot to Dot is uniquely positioned to bring success to its clients because of our proactive techniques used to achieve operational readiness."

A well experienced implementation team can straddle viewpoints of the contractor, the owner, and stakeholders to maximize best use of predetermined designs and avoid unnecessary change orders or potential construction delays that typically result in costs of $10,000 to $40,000 per day. Transition Planning in Capital Development augments the abilities of a hospital's senior leadership team to better identify and manage risk elements as construction progresses toward completion. Dot to Dot Consulting Group is engaged with hospitals across the province of Ontario to ensure success with their occupancy planning and operational readiness as they move into their new spaces.

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Dot to Dot Consulting Group is a leading consulting practice in the area of operational transition planning for Healthcare Capital Development projects. The firm represents the next generation of healthcare leadership in the private sector with a commitment to client success and to advance the quality of healthcare in North America.

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