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Tripwire, Inc.

February 16, 2010 12:25 ET

Tripwire Enhances Leading Configuration Control and File Integrity Monitoring Solution

Tripwire 7.7 Features ChangeIQ, Delivering Unparalleled Change Intelligence and Automation for Improved Security and Compliance

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - February 16, 2010) -  Tripwire, Inc., the leading global provider of IT security and compliance automation solutions, today introduced the latest version of its flagship product, Tripwire® Enterprise. Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 makes it easier to assess, prioritize and reconcile changes detected in critical IT systems with its new set of ChangeIQ™ capabilities, and also provides one-step integration with Tripwire Log Center for increased threat protection. Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 is the only solution where users benefit from a combined compliance policy and file integrity management solution with critical log and event data offering unprecedented visibility into their entire IT infrastructure.

In order to protect sensitive data and maintain compliance in today's challenging security environment, it's essential that companies have complete control over any changes to their critical IT infrastructure. This level of control requires real-time alerts when a system moves out of a compliant state so IT teams can appropriately respond depending on the level of true risk to the enterprise. To do this they often need to determine instantly which changes are critical, like the unexpected enabling of an FTP port, and which don't present a security risk, such as a user modifying a password from one acceptable format to a different, but still acceptable format.

The ChangeIQ capabilities in Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 transform the way companies look at change. With ChangeIQ, companies will now understand which changes matter and which changes do not by providing enhanced automation and built-in intelligence, with features like automated approval templates, customization of change severities, and change type filters that automate the handling of non-critical changes and appropriately elevate higher-risk changes. 

By integrating file integrity monitoring and compliance policy management with log and event management, Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 and Tripwire Log Center provide an entirely new, more effective means for incident investigation by adding new levels of visibility to detected changes. Tripwire recognizes the critical role that understanding these changes in the IT environment plays in ensuring data integrity and security. The ability to identify the events that lead to or result from change, determine how it happened and whether it constitutes a threat and then remediate accordingly is the key to enabling continuous compliance, operational control and protecting critical data. With this out-of-the-box integration, Tripwire Enterprise and Tripwire Log Center become Tripwire VIA -- a comprehensive IT security and compliance automation suite that heightens visibility, intelligence and automation for IT security and compliance. The combination of these solutions creates an unmatched security and compliance automation suite that answers questions, provides intelligence, and makes threats visible so they can be rapidly resolved.

 "Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 strengthens the capabilities of our VIA suite to help customers seeking visibility, intelligence and automation across their IT systems," said Dan Schoenbaum, Chief Operating Officer of Products for Tripwire. "With the new ChangeIQ capabilities in Tripwire Enterprise, customers can get the intelligence they need to make sense of the many changes to their systems in a given day, along with integration to Tripwire Log Center to make that incident investigation actionable."

Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 adds significant enhancements that improve the security and compliance posture for both new and existing customers, including:

  • ChangeIQ capabilities to provide intelligent change assessment and streamline the way users manage change reconciliation, allowing them to manage more of their IT infrastructure with the same resources
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Tripwire Log Center, Tripwire's next-generation log and event management solution, to provide better threat protection and detailed incident investigation 
  • Greater coverage of more of an organization's business critical infrastructure
  • Powerful reporting capabilities that easily convert Tripwire Enterprise data into useful, actionable information

Tripwire Enterprise 7.7 is available immediately for download at

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