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True North Gems Inc.

October 18, 2007 09:00 ET

True North Gems Extends Greenland Ruby Mineralization With Additional Drilling

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 18, 2007) - True North Gems (TSX VENTURE:TGX) is pleased to announce that it has completed an additional 21 drill holes at its Aappaluttoq ruby occurrence, and has intersected visible ruby and pink sapphire mineralization in a total of 18 out of 46 holes. This additional drilling has extended the strike length of the Aappaluttoq occurrence to 105 metres, at the Company's 110 km2 Fiskenaesset Ruby Project, located on the southwest coast of Greenland.

The distinct alteration zone that contains significant concentrations of ruby and pink sapphire ("Host Zone") was identified in all forty-six holes on the Aappaluttoq occurrence. As tabulated below, multiple intervals with visible ruby and pink sapphire have now been documented in eleven of the eighteen drill holes that contain the mineralization.

Hole ID AZ DIP (m) Visible Ruby/Sapphire Intersections (m)
GL-07-07 135 -45 68.6 9.3-9.7, 10.4-10.7, 17.5-18.2, 33.7-34.3
GL-07-10 135 -45 58.5 6.0-6.3
GL-07-11 135 -60 77.7 6.5-7.2, 20.6-20.7
GL-07-12 135 -75 101.4 9.6-11.3, 18.1-20.4
GL-07-13 135 -45 50.3 2.7-5.3, 12.4-12.6
GL-07-14 135 -60 56.2 3.2-3.8
GL-07-15 135 -75 80.8 2.1-4.4
GL-07-17 127 -75 79.3 30.2-33.9, 42.5-45.2
GL-07-18 127 -60 187.5 30.3-32.1, 118.0-119.0, 153.9-157.4, 163.1-166.3
GL-07-19 127 -45 50.3 20.7-23.1
GL-07-20 127 -75 230.8 30.8-32.9
GL-07-21 127 -45 106.7 100.4-100.6
GL-07-32 143 -60 121.9 102.2-102.3, 104.3-104.4
GL-07-33 143 -75 125.0 88.5-89.2
GL-07-35 143 -60 155.5 109.2-109.9, 136.7-136.8, 136.9-137.0,
141.5-141.6, 142.3-142
GL-07-36 143 -45 105.5 34.7-34.8, 68.75-68.95, 69.5-69.9
GL-07-38 143 -60 97.5 49.8-50.7, 95.2-96
GL-07-39 143 -45 85.3 32.75-33.2, 72.9-74.1

The recent drilling tested an area of the Host Zone to the south and west of the previous drilling results announced on September 18, 2007. The Host Zone has now been extended by seventy five percent to a total of 105 metre strike length and continues to vertical depths of 144 metres below surface. The Host Zone remains open to the north and southwest along strike and is open to depth.

Ruby and pink sapphire, identified in core logging, occurred within the Host Zone at intervals that varied from less than 1 to 12 metres in thickness and at down hole depths from 2.1 metres to 166.3 metres. Individual crystals, visible to core logging, ranged in size from less than 1 mm to 14 mm in size and comprised from less than 0.5 percent to 5 percent of ruby and sapphire by rock volume within these intervals.

All of the holes were collared within altered ultramafic and drilled southeast toward the hangingwall anorthosite gneiss. Ruby and pink sapphire occur within tightly folded intervals of phlogopite and pargasite-enriched alteration, referred to as the Host Zone, which is coincident with the geological contact between the ultramafic and anorthosite.

On Aappaluttoq, a total of 4,501.7 metres were drilled in the 46 drill holes with the depth of individual holes ranging from 25.9 metres to 230.8 metres, as tabulated below. The holes were drilled in a northeasterly series of fences with a nominal 12.5 metre spacing targeting several pierce points per section through the projected Host Zone. A summary table of the forty-six drill holes completed on the Aappaluttoq ruby and pink sapphire occurrence during the 2007 field program is available on the Company website.

Processing of selected drill core intervals for recovery of ruby and pink sapphire, gemstone classification and rough grade determination will be initiated at independent laboratory facilities in the fourth quarter of 2007.

An update on drilling of the other Ruby Island Line occurrences will be provided shortly.

The planning and execution of the ruby exploration and quality control programs at the Fiskenaesset Ruby Project are under the supervision of Greg Davison, True North Gems' VP Exploration. Mr. Davison is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. Wardrop Engineering, an internationally recognized engineering firm, has been engaged as Independent Qualified Person and will provide site due diligence, quality assurance, and the preparation of the Preliminary Assessment of the Aappaluttoq ruby occurrence.

Information about True North Gems and the Fiskenaesset Ruby Project, including photos and videos, can be viewed at the Company's website or at

True North Gems Inc. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and is engaged in the exploration and development of North American and Greenlandic coloured gemstone prospects. In Greenland, the Company is currently engaged in exploration at the Fiskenaesset Ruby Project. The 2007 exploration program was implemented with the principal objective of delivering a Preliminary Assessment on the Aappaluttoq ruby occurrence.

The Company relies on litigation protection for "forward-looking" statements. Certain technical information contained within this press release is 43-101 non-compliant by virtue of the fact that National Instrument 43-101 which governs public disclosure of technical information for mineral exploration properties in Canada is silent with respect to the exploration and technical disclosure of gemstone properties. The company employees high standards for the collection of geological information and exploration data, employees industry recognized professionals as qualified persons to provide oversight and management of the exploration programs and is committed to the implementation of QAQC protocols to monitor the integrity of the technical information.

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the release.

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