SOURCE: Author Stuart J. Byrne

Author Stuart J. Byrne

December 02, 2009 11:43 ET

"Truth Shock: A Millennium Challenge"

Nonagenarian Takes Unique Approach to Cosmic Questions

OJAI, CA--(Marketwire - December 2, 2009) - When Stuart J. Byrne reached his nineties, he considered himself to be an "eyewitness" to the 20th century.

This longer view enabled him to perceive what he believed were warning signs in the overall human psyche. His belief is that it seemed as if human's soaring technology was outstripping humanity's wisdoms.

"Something deeply fundamental in our vaunted civilization seems to be fading from human consciousness," wrote Byrne, author of "Truth Shock: A Millennium Challenge" ( "But nothing constructively new appears to be emerging to take its place. It may be shown that knowledge of the nature and purpose of Man and the Universe is as abysmal as the proverbial pit, and that in spite of our computers and space probes we live in one of the darkest ages of history. It is therefore ironic that we should expend our genius attempting to reach the stars when our greatest and least explored horizons lie closest at hand, within ourselves."

It developed that the hiatus of knowledge he sought to fill had to do precisely with "the nature and purpose of Man, God, and the Universe."

His theory brings it all back to "square one" by maintaining that for humanity in this new millennium it is time for "childhood's ending."

"The hand-holding is past," he wrote. "Our swaddling clothes are off, and a crisis has arrived where the milk of parables must be replaced by the 'meat' of Knowing."

Byrne's focus in his 90s is what he called "new Wisdom revelations," which have occurred in the past century and half and have been added to the overall matrix of transcendental knowledge. The "shock" involved is that Byrne feels he has uncovered pragmatic proof that the long prophesized "emergence" is in process. This leads to the "'meat' of Knowing" that delivers a practical description of the metaphysical nature of Man and the spiritual Hierarchy which guides him.

Byrne believes that for scientists, laymen, and clerics alike, the carefully graded extension of conceptuality through his ideas has the potential of expanding consciousness to the point where faith and belief are exchanged for Seeing and Knowing.

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S.J. Byrne has an M.A. and teaching credentials from UCLA, followed by years of trade school and college extension courses covering the gamut from computerology to electronics, astronomy, and management.

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