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February 13, 2007 09:36 ET

Tubes™ Your Private Social Sharing Network Now Available for the College Market at

BOSTON--(Collegiate Presswire - February 13, 2007) - Tubes, the breakthrough application for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista that redefines social networking, is spreading like wildfire on college campuses as students download it for free at Students use Tubes to instantly create automatic bi-directional sharing spaces where everything shared - whether photos, videos, web site bookmarks or favorite music is automatically synchronized directly to the desktop of everyone who is part of that tube. Unlike other P2P networks or limited file sharing programs, Tubes allows everyone to easily and automatically share anything with the entire group while eliminating the risk that comes from posting personal content to public websites.

"Tubes allows students to share their content directly from their desktops with just the people they want," said Steve Chazin, Vice President. "Tubes is a safe, secure way for college kids to easily connect and synchronize all their digital worlds. After hearing that many potential employers now check college students' MySpace profiles we thought it was important to let students know that Tubes is a better way - a fast, private way to share anything with anyone but without the rest of the world peering in. Instead of sending a file to your friends, simply create one or more tubes and now anyone you invite can share with everyone else simply by dragging and dropping to the tube. We built Tubes with college kids in mind."

Students quickly build private networks through a simple desktop application familiar to anyone who uses instant messaging. Tubes' built-in email console lets you invite friends and assign access permissions. A tube is instantly established and anything dropped in that tube - music, photos, videos, games, etc. is automatically synchronized to everyone who accepts the invitation. Permitted friends can add or modify content in the tube and those changes are also automatically synchronized to every invitee, making Tubes perfect for community activities like class assignments and media sharing. College students will love Tubes for group projects where documents, spreadsheets and media files can easily be shared and edited by anyone in the group.

Tubes Features:

-- Tubes is a Tiny Application With Big Appeal. Tubes lets each student create an unlimited number of tubes for anything they need. Thousands of people are using Tubes everyday for keeping in touch by swapping photos with siblings, sharing funny videos with friends, social bookmarking cool websites with others, sharing resumes and portfolios with future employers, collaborating on assignments with classmates - even synchronizing their entire iTunes music library with their computer at home.

-- Tubes Easily Goes Both Ways. With other products students have to email a file attachment each time they want to share something with someone. With Tubes they create an instant sharing network allowing for multi-directional, participatory sharing with anyone in the group. Tubes takes up very little desktop space and is designed to work alongside all existing applications, letting students drag and drop contacts & emails, Office documents, even MySpace, Facebook and YouTube browser pages and URLs directly to their tube - all instantly synchronized to everyone every time.

-- Tubes is Always Ready Even When You Are Not. Tubes automatically synchronizes any change to all members of the tube without any interaction required. This means that everything in every tube is always up to date and always on your laptop - even offline. That means that all the files in every tube are always current and available even when there isn't an Internet connection available. So if one student updates their tube with new pictures on a plane coming back from Spring Break, once re-connected to the Internet, their community will quickly have access to their updated content. And anything that changed in the tube while this traveling student was out of touch will be synchronized back to them at that same time.

-- It's Yours. Tubes replicates exact copies of files, meaning that everyone in the tube has an exact copy of everyone's stuff. But the owner of the content retains control. If a file or document is changed, that change propagates to everyone. If a content owner deletes a file from a tube it is deleted everywhere that file was shared. For good measure, Tubes provides an automatic back-up of all shared files so anyone can easily access all their tubes simply by downloading another copy of Tubes on any PC.

About Tubes

Tubes is a revolutionary Internet desktop application designed to let anyone create instant personal sharing networks of friends, family, classmates, colleagues, or your own devices. Tubes lets you instantly share anything - photos, music, video, documents - with everyone you know and have them share their stuff with you through the same tube - or to create an unlimited number of their own tubes. With online backup and automatic syncing capabilities, Tubes is an effortless way to share, access and experience digital content across all your devices with all your communities. Tubes. It's here. It's free. It's Yours. Just visit:

About Adesso Systems

Adesso enables the instant sharing, distribution and synchronization of your entire digital world. Based on its revolutionary Internet Replication Engine, Adesso-powered applications leverage the reach of the network, intelligently replicating data, logic and permissions while simultaneously tapping the power of the desktop. Adesso's first consumer application, Tubes™ uses this power to enable the formation of robust file sharing communities with a simple drag and drop. For more information, please visit

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