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Turn Your Photos Into Posters. What You Need to Know to Make Beautiful Lasting

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On-line high-quality poster printer,, has an easy and inexpensive solution for enjoying summer vacations all year long.

Canadian company, offers an easy to use on-line ordering process that will upload your photos, print on high quality matte or glossy photo paper, and includes fast delivery to anywhere in Canada. Posters, range in size from 8" x 12" right up to 5 feet x 15 feet, starting at $4.99.

"We find travel photos our customers take while on trips are very popular." says Tim Faught, President of "The most popular images our customers want printed are landscapes or vistas. They really reproduce beautifully as a poster and are a great way to decorate a wall or room.

Special Software on-line ensures photos will look sharp

If you're not sure your photo is good enough to enlarge, offers a tool on its' website (that checks your photo's resolution against the poster size you would like to order, and will warn you if the image quality isn't good enough.

There is also a "fitting" option exclusive to If your photos aren't exactly proportional to the poster size you've chosen, photos can be cropped to fit the size of the poster or you can keep the original photo proportions and print at the size nearest to your order.

Special Promotion: Posterjack is offering a special promotion on all summer vacation photos until September 30, 2009 - receive $5.00 off all purchases over $20.00.

Enter the voucher code 'travelphotos' in the shopping cart at

Top tips to turn your favorite photo into a beautiful poster.

1. YOUR CAMERA - A camera with 3 Megapixels and up is a good start for poster printing. It will produce an image with an acceptable resolution. Most cameras have internal settings for picture size and quality, which together determine the resolution. This is where you can select the size of the picture you want to take and the quality - by choosing from a quality range - typically low-medium-high.

Tip: For prints around 24" x 32" - a camera should have at least 3 mega pixels to produce enough resolution. If you're not sure if your quality is good enough, try uploading your photo at and the quality tool will inform you of your quality score.

Tip: The larger the poster size, the higher the photo/image resolution of the photo should be. Higher resolution images are needed for portraits, close-ups, and anything with fine details and sharp lines like buildings or architectural details. Generally lower resolution photos are ok for pictures taken from a distance, such as landscapes or images with soft curves and warm, bright colours.

2. LAYOUT & CROPPING: Matching the proportion of your photo to the proportion of the desired poster can be tricky.

You might be dreaming of a poster in a particular size to fit a space on your walls or have a frame you want to use for your photo poster. It is important to choose a poster size that matches the proportions of the photo you've chosen. That's where "CROPPING" comes in.

Tip: Check to see if your poster printer has a tool that will determine whether the fit of your photo matches your desired poster size and has the software to make any required adjustments. Your photo may need to be scaled-up and cropped to ensure the photo is printed to the exact measurements of the poster size you order.

3. INTERNET & EMAIL PHOTOS: Pictures from the Internet or sent as images by email will not create high quality posters. These pictures have been compressed to be viewed on a computer screen and will not have enough resolution to be printed.

Tip: Always use 'original' images direct from your camera to ensure photos have high enough resolution to print a poster.

4. CELL PHONE CAMERAS: More people are using cell phones to capture spontaneous photos than ever before. These photos can serve as great material for poster prints. Newer cell phones have cameras that can produce excellent photos, such as the 3.2 Megapixel Blackberry Curve (TM) or 3 Megapixel Apple IPhone 3Gs.

Tip: If your cell phone camera has 3 Megapixels or more go ahead and take great pictures. They will turn into beautiful and lasting posters.

About is a Canadian company dedicated to printing high-quality poster prints on premium archival photo paper with long-lasting 200 year fade resistant ink that help Canadians to do something special with their favourite photos. uses special image enhancing software designed in Germany to ensure that every photo printed as a poster is crisp and stunning by minimizing any loss of clarity during the photo enlargement process.

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