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November 24, 2009 08:00 ET

TweetsGiving Aims to Raise $100,000 for Non-Profit Epic Change in 48 Hours

Global, Twitter-Based Celebration of Gratitude November 24-26 to Raise Funds for Tanzanian School and Orphanage

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 24, 2009) - TweetsGiving, the global online celebration of gratitude, returns today with big plans made possible through small donations. Last Thanksgiving, non-profit Epic Change launched TweetsGiving, raising $11,000 in 48 hours through hundreds of small donations. Epic Change used the donations to build a classroom in Arusha, Tanzania. This year, event organizers hope TweetsGiving will be even more successful and set a goal to raise $100,000 between today and Thanksgiving. To help accomplish this goal, volunteers all over the world will hold offline events big and small and use social networking sites to raise awareness and money.

Proceeds of TweetsGiving will benefit the same Tanzanian school where the classroom was built last year with the help of Epic Change. The school was founded by Tanzanian Epic Change fellow "Mama Lucy" Kamptoni, a woman who sold chickens and used the proceeds to build a school that now serves over 300 children near her home in Arusha. More help is needed to build a dormitory/orphanage, library, school cafeteria and additional classrooms.

"To know that so many people around the world are supporting me in my dream to create a better life for the children of my community is amazing to me," said Kamptoni. "I never thought this would happen, and I am truly so grateful. Thank you very, very much."

This year, donors will have an opportunity to meet the children whose lives they are helping to make better. The fifth graders in Tanzania, dubbed the "TwitterKids," will participate by sharing their own tweets of thanks from the classroom funded by TweetsGiving 2008, where the twitter handles of donors are now painted on the walls. People can follow each of these students on Twitter, ask them questions and learn more about their lives.

TweetsGiving is completely organized, run and promoted by volunteers. This year, there will be 40 offline gratitude-themed events and house parties across the world, from Israel to Istanbul, Australia to Africa, and Frankfurt to Florida. In addition, sponsors such as, Convio, and Uno Chicago Grill are making cash donations. However, the core strategy is still to spread gratitude -- and the fundraising message -- virally, through social media sites. TweetsGiving will encourage all of its participants to share what they are grateful for through whatever their favorite social networks are -- including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and blogs. Last year, TweetsGiving became the number one trending topic on Twitter worldwide during the event. The recommended hashtag for TweetsGiving is #TweetsGiving.

--  Photos of the school and students can be found at
--  Video interviews with students, Epic Change staff can be found at
--  Follow the tweets of students by following the aggregated @ShepherdsJr
    account at or you can learn more about them
    and follow their blogs at

"I truly believe that gratitude can change the world," said Stacey Monk, the founder of Epic Change and creator of TweetsGiving. "I would love to raise the dollars to help fund important projects in Tanzania and beyond, but I am equally excited to see just how many more people will share their gratitude this year, now that we've had more time to plan and more resources. There is nothing I would like more than to see my Twitter stream filled with gratitude for the next 48 hours."

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