November 30, 2008 11:25 ET

UNICEF Canada: With a Little Magic, Your Gifts Will Never be Regifted Again

The UNICEF Canada Gifts of Magic give twice and forever.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 30, 2008) - If you've ever wondered whether the "Oh, I love it" is sincere or whether your gift will end up being regifted, UNICEF has a simple and meaningful solution. A UNICEF Gift of Magic.

A Gift of Magic is a gift that you buy on behalf of someone you care about. The gift provides, in their name, water, food, medicine, school supplies or toys for the world's most vulnerable children. And it provides the gift-givers the deep satisfaction of knowing they've contributed to making a significant impact on a child's life.

"For many years, UNICEF's Gifts of Magic have helped me find gifts my loved ones genuinely value, " says UNICEF Canada Ambassador Elizabeth Dallaire. "I've also seen firsthand how these gifts help children live happier and healthier lives. Proceeds from these gifts support the work of UNICEF around the world."

There are 25 Gifts of Magic available through UNICEF Canada, each designed to respond to the real needs of children around the world. That's the magic of a gift that gives twice and forever.

You can spend $10, $100, $200, or whatever your budget allows. For example, through a gift of $505, a community in need will get a water pump for easy access to clean, safe water.

New for 2008

- A Gift of Magic of $20 will help provide 1,300 water-treatment tablets in emergency situations when quick, easy access to clean water is vital to avoiding life-threatening illness.

- A Gift of Magic of $20 will help provide 40 litres of high-energy nutritious milk to boost a severely malnourished child's chances of survival at emergency feeding centres and refugee camps.

- A Gift of Magic of $45 will help provide a sling, harness and scale to monitor young children's weight and detect malnutrition and illness.

- A Gift of Magic of $60 will help vaccinate 300 children against polio.

- A Gift of Magic of $65 will help provide 10 soccer balls to children who are denied the right to play in areas of extreme poverty or emergency.

"Last year UNICEF Canada Gifts of Magic raised $1.2 million," says Program Manager Jennifer Schnare. "That's twice as much as we raised the previous year and to date, the response of Canadians who want to give something unique to their loved ones is as always, generous and promising. Many of the children who receive these gifts are in isolated communities or living through emergency situations," says Schnare. "We use cars, helicopters, motorcycles, bikes, donkeys, and canoes to deliver the gifts."

When you order a Gift of Magic, UNICEF Canada will send you a gift certificate to give to the persons you've honoured with a gift in their names. If you've placed your order on line, you can also send an e-mail.

Gifts of Magic also carry holiday gifts for the children in your life. For example:

- If you choose a $30 Gift of Magic to provide exercise books for an entire classroom in a developing country, another $10 will give the donor a UNICEF pencil case with a ruler, pencils, a pen, a sharpener, eraser and notepad for a child close to your heart.

- If you choose the $45 Gift of Magic which buys blankets for 11 babies in a developing country, an additional $16.50 will give a child you love a cuddly plush sheep toy.

How to purchase Gifts of Magic

To purchase Gifts of Magic, visit www.unicefgiftsofmagic.ca. You can also call 1-888-777-0380 to obtain a catalogue or to order the gift that gives twice: a life-changing support to children in need and a deeper meaning to gifts for any occasion.

The UNICEF Canada Gifts of Magic give twice and forever.



UNICEF is the world's leader for children, working in over 150 countries and territories to save, protect and enhance the lives of girls and boys. UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, promotes quality basic education, protects children from violence, exploitation and AIDS, and is the world's largest provider of vaccines for developing countries. A global leader in emergencies with six decades of on-the-ground experience, UNICEF saves and rebuilds children's lives in natural disasters and conflicts. UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, schools, associations and governments.

For more information visit www.unicefgiftsofmagic.ca.

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