SOURCE: Eco Global Corporation

April 06, 2010 11:02 ET

UPDATE: Eco Global Corporation to Gear Up Production for Flex House Kit

SPRING VALLEY, CA--(Marketwire - April 6, 2010) -  Daniel Correa, President announced today that Eco Global Corporation (OTCBB: ECOG) will issue a company owned license to a large Southern California block manufacturer to produce the patented Inca Blocks in order for Eco Global to meet projected demands.

Last month, the company announced the "Flex Designed House" and the "Eco House" for construction in the Mexico mainland and for Baja California. This new design has introduced to builders a more effective way to satisfy the high demands coming from the Government Housing Programs offered in Mexico and other developing nations. The Company wanted to demonstrate to certain builders its ability to deliver large scale production with a consistent high quality of product for developers.

Additional interest is now coming from the fact that Eco Global is now offering its "Flex House" as a kit that can be delivered to proposed housing sites. The "Flex House Kit" will offer construction components composed as an inclusive package for a single pre manufactured house. The wall and roof system along with the door and window frames, electrical and plumbing components, and the toilets and sinks, are just some of the key parts that can be shipped directly to the building site. Eco Global's "Inca block™" will speed up construction time, thus allowing the builder to use more non-specialized labor, similar to an assembly line, on site.

Using the kit house concept provides another advantage for the company in that excellent profit margins are made regardless of the number of houses sold. Margins are calculated at the plant, not at the site. The strength, cost, and ease of construction make the kit house an attractive product. 

The Company will soon announce its results in its negotiations to sell, and joint venture, licenses to strategically located developers and block manufacturers around the country. Eco Global will identify new market areas and continue to promote its "Flex Design" and "Eco House."

About Eco Global Corporation
To exemplify the practicality of INCABLOCK-based housing, Eco Global has built several model homes in varying configurations for the Mexican market and government programs. This effort has positioned the company to finalize an agreement calling for the building of a large number of affordable INCABLOCK homes in Mexico. To facilitate large low cost developments, Eco Global has created a turnkey program that includes all the elements needed for a successful operation anywhere in the world: the licensing for manufacturing INCABLOCKS on site, all the necessary equipment, and complete set up procedures, specification software, factory training, and on-call field support. Under the right circumstances, Eco Global will also consider joint venture partnerships with developers.

In addition to the United States, Mexico, and Canada, Eco Global has qualified serious interest in developing major projects by private and governmental concerns in Qatar, Jordan, Haiti, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Spain, Iraq, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, and more to be announced soon. These countries, and countless others, are facing huge deficits in available housing.

More information can be found on the Eco Global web sites "" or ""; contact number is 619-550-2396. Product samples are available and may be shipped world-wide to qualified recipients.

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