January 08, 2010 22:22 ET

UPDATE: Kristy Welsh of Launches ABC's of Credit Repair

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - January 8, 2010) - (LSI) -- Consumer credit advocate Kristy Welsh, CEO of, has just announced the launch of a new viral video series called "ABC: All 'Bout Credit." The 12 part weekly series was designed to build upon the history of and its service of providing consumers with information and other resources free of charge, in order to deal with a wide variety of credit issues. "ABC: All 'Bout Credit" will begin airing January 8th, 2010 on

"ABC: All 'Bout Credit" was shot in the style of an educational children's program and uses humor to explore difficult and often emotionally charged subjects of credit in an informative, non-threatening way. The "how-to" series features CEO Kristy Welsh and a friendly puppet co-host, irreverently named Nookie, discussing topics including improving one's credit score, the process of disputing and removing negative items from a credit report, the 'means tests' that must be passed to qualify for bankruptcy, and more. The series was directed by Blue Nelson, produced by Brendan Davis who also voices Nookie, and executive produced by Johnny Royal.

Kristy Welsh's knowledge of the credit industry is a result of her personal experiences learning to repair and manage her own previously damaged credit. In addition to founding, Welsh is also the author of "Good Credit Is Sexy," a tongue-in-cheek guide to managing your credit. In both the book and the series, Welsh cautions against overextended consumers getting themselves deeper into a financial hole by spending upwards of $1000 on 'credit repair' services. Instead, Welsh is an advocate of showing readers and viewers everything they need to know to make such changes themselves, many of which can be made for the cost of a postage stamp.

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