U.S. Army

September 25, 2007 14:36 ET

U.S. Army Expands Its Scholarship Programs

(Collegiate Presswire - Sep 25, 2007) - The United States Army is expanding its scholarship program that helps students achieve a career in the medical, dental or veterinary field. Under the F. Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program, H.P.S.P., students receive the full cost of tuition, school fees, books, and a stipend of now, more than 16-hundred dollars per month. Llena Caldwell is a student in the program:

"I wouldn't have had the opportunity to pursue this level of education had it not been for the Army's health professions scholarship program. The Army has given me a first-rate education in dental medicine, advanced leadership training and the opportunity to work with the best health care team in the world."

H.P.S.P. is available to students currently attending or accepted into an accredited medical, dental or veterinary school in the U.S. Students attend six weeks of training each year with officer's pay.

For more information about H.P.S.P., visit www.healthcare.goarmy.com.