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Epson Toyocom Corp.

August 25, 2010 17:32 ET

U.S.-Based Epson Toyocom Timing Products Division Announces Miniaturized High Resolution XP-6000CA Absolute Pressure Sensor

New Sensor Uses Pressure Changes to Detect Height Fluctuations

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  Epson Toyocom Corporation's U.S.-based Timing Products Division today announced the development of an extremely small absolute pressure sensor that provides critical accuracy and resolution for the most demanding of today's pressure and water level measurement applications. Samples of the new XP-6000CA will be available in October 2010. For pricing, customers can locate a local Epson Toyocom representative at

The tiny, new sensor is able to detect height changes in 3 cm increments by sensing changes in pressure and joins Epson Toyocom's other sensor products in applications such as manufacturing equipment where highly accurate pressure measurements are needed, and in measuring instruments that calculate the water level of rivers or the water level behind dams based on water pressure. Epson Toyocom has steadily miniaturized its quartz pressure sensors to the point where they are compact enough for use in the smallest mobile devices -- and has done so without sacrificing accuracy or resolution.

The XP-6000CA employs an innovative new QMEMS(*1) pressure-sensing structure that allows the sensor to squeeze into a tiny 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.0t mm package yet still provide excellent total pressure accuracy (±30 Pa) and high resolution (0.3 Pa). 

In addition to offering high accuracy and high resolution, the XP-6000CA sensor produces stable output even under varying external temperatures and environmental conditions because the sensor element is made of highly stable quartz crystal. The new sensor's pressure measurements are resistant to the effects of noise as well because it uses frequency counting, a principle based on crystal measurement technology, to measure pressure.

The XP-6000CA has a resolution of 0.3 Pa. Since atmospheric pressure changes by about 0.1 Pa with each 1 cm change in altitude, a 0.3 Pa change in atmospheric pressure is equivalent to about a 3 cm change in altitude. This enables the XP-6000CA to sense the equivalent of an approximately 3 cm change in altitude. The ability to sense such slight changes in pressure/altitude in a package size so small enables the XP-6000CA to be integrated into mobile gear applications that require very fine altitude readings such as activity meters(*2) and personal navigation devices(*3).

The new sensor helps make industrial pressure measurement equipment smaller and more space efficient. The XP-6000CA is the latest in Epson Toyocom's product commitment to the advancement of applications in the miniature pressure sensor segment through development of compact sensors that provide highly accurate and high resolution measurements.

Main Features
1) Total pressure accuracy: ±30 Pa Max.
2) Resolution: 0.3 Pa
3) Pressure measurement range: 30 kPa to 130 kPa
4) Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC
5) Size: 7.0 × 5.0 × 2.0t mm

Main Specifications

Item Specifications
Pressure measurement range 30 kPa to 130 kPa (absolute pressure)
Total pressure accuracy ±30 Pa Max.
Resolution 0.3 Pa
Operating temperature range -40ºC to +85ºC
Temperature sensor Built-in
Interface I2C
Supply voltage +2.4 to +3.6 VDC
External dimensions 7.0 x 5.0 x 2.0t mm

(*1) QMEMS
QMEMS is a combination of "Quartz," a crystalline material with excellent characteristics such as excellent frequency stability and high precision, and "MEMS" (micro electro mechanical system). QMEMS devices, produced via a microfabrication process on a quartz material instead of on a semiconductor material like MEMS, offer high performance in a compact package.
 QMEMS is a registered trademark of Epson Toyocom.

(*2) activity meter
An activity meter is similar to a pedometer, which counts the number of steps taken but also measures total calories burned based on the total movement, including steps, of the wearer.

(*3) personal navigation device
A car navigation system that has been scaled down to make it portable.

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Epson Toyocom Corporation is the global leader in crystal devices, which serve as the heart and pulse for a wide range of electronic products for consumers and industry. Utilizing its innovative hybrid quartz microfabrication technology, QMEMS, Epson Toyocom offers technological expertise in timing, sensing, and optical devices, and maintains its leadership position by providing customer-specific combinations and solutions.

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