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January 06, 2005 11:05 ET

U.S. Robotics Unleashes Wireless MAXg; Wireless Networking Devices to Deliver Up to 50 Percent Greater Coverage and 40 Percent Faster Throughput



JANUARY 6, 2005 - 11:05 ET

U.S. Robotics Unleashes Wireless MAXg; Wireless
Networking Devices to Deliver Up to 50 Percent Greater
Coverage and 40 Percent Faster Throughput

LAS VEGAS--(CCNMatthews - Jan 6, 2005) -

U.S. Robotics is arming wireless networks with the tools and devices
needed for maximum range, speed, simplicity and security throughout the
home and office. U.S. Robotics' new wireless MAXg™ product family is
the first to combine the industry's latest performance and range
enhancements, providing up to 50 percent greater range and 40 percent
faster throughput over standard 802.11g products. Moreover, U.S.
Robotics' exclusive MAXg technology suite helps to install products
effortlessly with U.S. Robotics distinctive SureStart™ installation
wizard and protect networks with a complete set of improved security

"For the first time, users can expect secure, whole home or office
coverage from the MAXg product line compared to other 802.11g devices on
the market today," says Jim Thomsen, senior product manager, U.S.
Robotics. "Where standard 802.11g devices typically operate up to 150
feet indoors, MAXg is capable of delivering an extending range up to 225
feet and maintaining faster wireless connections at greater distances in
typical home and small business environments. This eliminates many so
called "hot" and "cold" spot issues." Thomsen adds, "Better yet, the
MAXg line does not require a proprietary environment to reap the
benefits of maximum overall range improvements. In fact, it will provide
range improvement to any 802.11g device."

U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg family delivers:

-- Maximum Range: Broadcom's new BroadRange™ technology provides the
greatest receive sensitivity of any 802.11g-compliant product, allowing
Wi-Fi users to maintain high-speed connections at greater distances from
a wireless access point.

-- Maximum Speed: 125 High Speed Mode™ boosts 802.11g performance,
allowing customers to use their Wi-Fi networks for bandwidth-intensive
applications, such as sharing digital photos and transferring audio and
video files between devices throughout the home.

-- Maximum Simplicity: U.S. Robotics SureStart installation wizard
seamlessly installs wireless MAXg adapters, routers or access points and
critically configures security.

-- Maximum Security: Key security capabilities include Wi-Fi Protected
Access (WPA), WPA2/802.11i, 802.1x Authentication and 64/128-bit WEP
encryption. Additionally, the Wireless MAXg Router includes a Stateful
Packet Inspection firewall and support for VPN pass through (PPTP, IPSec
and L2TP), as well as MAC Address Authentication.

BroadRange technology uses advanced digital signal processing techniques
to improve a device's ability to receive wireless transmissions,
enabling Wi-Fi users to maintain high-speed connections up to 50 percent
further from an access point. This allows products to stay connected
longer at top speeds before stepping back to lower data rates, and
experience greater coverage at lower data rates. Plus, because
BroadRange technology is standards-compliant, users can benefit from
additional range in any wireless network - even if other devices do not
use the technology.

125 High Speed Mode increases 802.11g performance by improving the
efficiency of wireless data transmissions. Derived from standards-based
techniques, it delivers greater throughput on a single wireless channel,
eliminating the interference inherent in solutions that use multiple
channels to achieve better performance. Although wireless networks will
achieve optimal speeds in a network of all MAXg products, the technology
is compatible with all 802.11b/g devices and actually enhances the
aggregate performance for all Wi-Fi devices on the network.

U.S. Robotics Wireless MAXg Family will be available in Q1 2005 from
leading e-tail, retail and distribution channels throughout North
America and includes the following:

-- Wireless MAXg Router (USR5461) - MSRP $69.99

-- Wireless MAXg USB Adapter (USR5417) - MSRP $59.99

-- Wireless MAXg PCI Adapter (USR5421) - MSRP $59.99

-- Wireless MAXg PC Card (USR5411) - MSRP $59.99

-- Wireless MAXg Wireless Access Point (USR5451) - MSRP $79.99


For three decades, U.S. Robotics® has been the world's leader in
Internet access, delivering the highest quality and most innovative
modems available. U.S. Robotics also provides a selection of wireless
and wired networking products and security devices for homes and small
offices. The company is partnering with key industry players and new
technology providers to bring consumers connectivity solutions through
its extensive worldwide distribution channel. U.S. Robotics is privately
held and headquartered in the Chicago area. For further information
regarding the company and its products, please visit the Web site at

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