Unite the Union

Unite the Union

December 03, 2007 19:01 ET

Unite launch national campaign to boycott Lil-lets and Simple products

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2007) -

Embargoed: 00.01, Tuesday 4 December 2007

Unite, the UK's largest union, is launching a boycott of Lil-lets and Simple products (today) following a move by private equity firm Electra to send production abroad and their decision not to exercise their discretion and grant an enhanced pension to those redundant workers over 50 years of age who lost their job.

Lil- Lets was formerly owned by Accantia Health & Beauty Ltd who made the decision to close its last manufacturing site in the UK. When private equity company Electra bought Lil-lets they continued with the closure of the UK factory and exported the 150 jobs abroad. This was despite the company making excellent profits and the UK being the majority customer base for Lil-lets sanitary products.

Unite official, Terry Pye, said: "It is bad enough closing profitable factories to ship work overseas to maximise profits. But to then to tell us that it is too expensive to pay the full discretionary enhanced pension to the 46 older workers who lost their jobs, is, we believe morally and ethically wrong."

Electra's profits run into the tens of Pounds Sterling millions. However, Electra has reduced the discretionary enhanced pensions of 46 now redundant Lil-Lets workers aged over fifty, in some cases up to a third, by deciding to refuse to exercise their discretion and consent to them receiving their enhanced pensions.

"Unite believes when a company's majority market is in the UK, it should support UK jobs. A boycott of Lil-Lets and Simple products is the only way to make Electra sit up and listen," added Terry Pye.

Unite want companies to take factors other than ever greater profits into consideration before relocating production overseas. The impact on the environment when transporting goods back to the UK and the social and economic impact on the areas that have lost jobs should be as important.

Terry Pye said:

"There is a lot of evidence to suggest that ethical consumerism is continuing to grow. People do care about the environment and about social justice. The boycott of Lil-Lets and Simple's products will, we believe appeal to the UK's caring consumers."

Accantia make 'Simple', the UK's leading brand of skin care product. Lil Lets are made by Electra.

Notes to editors:

Unite's photocall to is to feature Jacob Marley (the ghost of Scrooge's business partner) outside Lil-Lets head quarters in Solihull, alongside up to 100 demonstrators who will be holding placards. 46 black balloons will also be released at 11 am, one for every redundant worker who has not received their discretionary enhanced pension.

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