SOURCE: United Home Mortgage Center

June 01, 2007 11:30 ET

United Home Mortgage Center Will Soon Open a New Office in Miami Lakes

MIAMI LAKES, FL--(Marketwire - June 1, 2007) - While others Lenders and Mortgages Companies are downsizing or even going out of business, UHMC is growing strong by adding another of their top class offices in the centric location of Miami Lakes, FL.

"The key to this extraordinary success is simple," says Ariel Baserio, Branch Manager of the new office, "because of the company structure and culture, which is, having an automated and simplified process for all their staff, and exceeding customer expectation by only doing what is best for them, we as real estate and mortgage professionals realized that for the first time there is nothing to worry about other than do what we enjoy most, get the best deal for our clients, either on a real estate sale or purchase, as well as explaining and getting the best financing option for them when buying or refinancing a property."

Unfortunately in many of the real estate and mortgage dealings, Floridians have been lied to, misguided, abused, and under served while over charged, but when clients start talking about UHMC, once they experience doing business with them, they can't help but tell their friends and family about how smooth and satisfying their experience was. The good industry professionals, those who see what they do as a career, not just a job, are also hearing from us and joining our team, realizing what we have done is a dream come true. When they start with our company they learn a simple back to basics approach, which consists of doing things right from the start, and getting all the support they need to finish the same way, on top of having a few choices about the method of compensation they prefer, which in any case is the best in the industry.

"There is a huge need for what we are doing in our market," says David Chambless, Vice President of UHMC, "and that is one of the main reasons we are growing faster than any other Mortgage company in Florida. We give our staff what they need and deserve, which is more than just top of the line equipment and software, it's the right training from the beginning, our quality control to ensure that what has been taught is always implemented and I can say, also, hiring only the right people. All this makes everybody's work easier and as a result their clients get rewarded as well, by receiving top services, which in our industry also means they save money in the process. By giving our realtors and loan officers more control over their work and compensation, and showing them the right way to do it from the start, it's easier for them to invest more time finding the best deal for their clients, and by lowering the fees associated with each transaction, they can do more real work while worrying less about legal and administrative matters, making it easier to keep adding more satisfied and loyal customers. Everyone benefits from our size and strength as a company and it's only the beginning, UHMC will keep growing as a natural way of clearing up everything that has been wrong with our industry."

"There is nothing like it," says Ariel, "we get the best compensation and the best resources to do what we love, we get state of the art internet access and systems, which allow us to access 24-7 from anywhere in the world with a computer a great website for our realtors with forms and many resources, a huge list of top lenders, for our loan officers, unique relationships with them, and a great email communication approach to solve problems, get information, and get almost every important task done, that is a great time saver, allowing us to free our time to concentrate on a common goal, and excel in giving our clients the best services."

Ariel Baserio will be taking applications beginning in June 4 right on their new location. He says: "Anybody that shares our philosophy, all those that enjoy their profession and are tired of paying high fees and giving away their hard earn dollars, those who care for their clients and will do only what's best for them, those that seek only a long life relationship with them, instead of an isolated transaction, those will be happy to make the most important career move of their life. And of course any mortgage and real estate client interested in experiencing and being part of this simple an exciting way to buy, sell or refinance your property while getting the best possible deal can call or visit this valuable information loaded website at It's a link for money savings tips, and detailed explanation of everything you need to know to make a intelligent decision when buying or refinancing a home in The Sunshine State."

He and his team can be contacted at 1800-727-9343 and email at or on the web

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