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December 07, 2009 06:00 ET

United Mines, Inc. Completes Evaluations and Begins Upgrades to Its Permitted "Twin Plant" Mill Site

Upgrades on Company's "La Colorada" Milling Facility Have Begun; The Gravity Float System Refurbishing & Modifications Scheduled to Be Completed in Q2 2010

ORO VALLEY, AZ--(Marketwire - December 7, 2009) - United Mines, Inc. (OTCBB: UNMN) ("United Mines" or the "Company"), a precious metals mining company, based in Tucson, Arizona, today announced that it recently completed evaluations and began modifications and upgrade work on its high grade mill "gravity float" systems. The 55,000 tonne heap leach plant is under review, with refurbishing scheduled for second half of 2010, as funding permits.

After the upgrades are completed the Company plans to begin a one-year, intensive program of sampling, drilling and geochemistry that is expected to yield more positive proof of high grade silver ores suitable for near-the-surface open pit mining, while filing a "Notice of Intent" with the Bureau of Land Management to begin bulk test sampling. Currently, the Company has 45,000+ tonnes of mineralized material, independently assayed, in side cast mine dumps, above ground, ready for transport to its permitted twin plant processing and milling facility, located at the Cerro Colorado Silver Project, which has a fascinating history dating back to the 1500s.

About the Cerro Colorado Silver Project (Recent History)

In 1854 Mr. Charles Poston came to Arizona to explore. Mr. Poston was appointed the agent in charge of Indian Affairs by Abraham Lincoln and later became known as the "Father of Arizona." During his exploration, Mr. Poston aligned with Major General Samuel Debrille Heintzelman. In 1853, Mr. Heintzelman "rediscovered" the now famous, "Cerro Colorado Mine." Then, to expand his holdings, Mr. Heintzelman started the Sonora Exploration and Mining Company in 1856 and set up a Board of Directors that included Mr. Samuel Colt, of the revolver fame. The Sonora Exploration and Mining Company assayed portions of the Cerro Colorado property and the silver ore was assaying upwards of 9,000 to 12,000 ozs. of silver per ton. The richest ore at 12,000 ozs. per ton was 50% pure silver. With Apaches on the warpath the Cerro Colorado was only intermittingly mined from the 1860s to 1880s. By 1908, veins 30 ft. wide of high grade silver ore were discovered and mined to 350 ft.

In May of 1941, with the outbreak of war, all precious metal, primarily gold and silver, were outlawed for private possession. Virtually all smaller mines were shut down and many to this day were never reopened. Thus, a generation of miners were lost until 1972, when a re-emergence in mining started but with stricter mining policies on safety and the environment.

After the war, the Founder and Chairman of UMI, Mr. Glynn G. Burkhardt, searched out and discovered new mines and mining opportunities, himself becoming living history, with over 70 years of service and dedication to the Arizona mining industry. The Southern Arizona Small Mine Operators Association was formed in 1938, Glynn Sr. joined in 1954. He was elected President at a miners meeting in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1955 and had been its President ever since, until he passed away in February 2009.

With Glynn G. Burkhardt's expertise in mining and intimate knowledge of the "Oro Blanco," along with his son Glynn A. Burkhardt, and Glenn E. Martin, the concept of United Mines, to re-establish and bring alive the dreams of a lost generation of miners, was born and is now on its way to becoming a reality.

For a full history of the Cerro Colorado Silver Project, from the 1500s to present, please visit our website at

About United Mines, Inc.

United Mines, Inc. was incorporated in Arizona in 1999 as Plae, Inc. On February 18, 2005, the corporate name was changed to King Mines, Inc. and then subsequently changed to its current name, United Mines, Inc., on March 30, 2005. The Company owns silver, gold and copper exploration projects in Arizona, U.S.A. The primary silver exploration and development project is known as; The Cerro Colorado Silver Mining Project. United Mines' primary gold exploration and development projects are; The Big Three, Ostrich, Tres Amigos and Sorrel Top. The primary copper mining exploration and development projects are: The Blue Copper, Green Copper and Red Beds. United Mines 100% owns and operates a twin plant, 100+ ton per day gravity float & 55,000 ton heap leach processing facility that is permitted by the Bureau of Land Management and the (ADEQ) Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. For more information about United Mines, please visit

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