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United Treatment Centers, Inc.

April 26, 2010 12:21 ET

United Treatment Centers, Inc. Announces Green Energy Council Endorsement of Aquafreedom Waterless Toothbrush

Endorsement Offers Immediate Exposure to Distributors and Governmental Agencies in 65 Countries

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 26, 2010) -  United Treatment Centers, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: UTRM),, the developer and marketer of a new innovative Waterless Toothbrush, announced today that the company's proprietary Aquafreedom waterless toothbrush has received the endorsement by the influential and respected International Green Energy Council ( at the World Earth Day in West Palm Beach, Florida on April 22. The Green Energy Council (GEC) is a non-profit association comprised of individuals and green technology companies that promote sustainable forms of energy production, renewable energy sources and sustainable design practices. The Aquafreedom Waterless Toothbrush from United Treatment Centers offers a unique "green" solution to the worsening problem of limited sanitary water resources.   

The Green Energy Council endorsement program was launched two years ago. Out of several hundred products which have sought the Green Energy Council Approved designation, only eight products -- now nine -- have succeeded in obtaining this coveted approval and endorsement. The GEC Product Endorsement is exclusive to the Aquafreedom Waterless Toothbrush in that no other similar product will receive this designation. Within the next month, a National Press Conference in Washington D.C. will be held sponsored by the Green Energy Council. (

Frank Ottaviani, President of United Treatment Centers, said, "We are extremely gratified to receive the endorsement of the Green Energy Council which offers us substantial marketing resources, including the permission to include the Green Energy Council logo on our product. Judging by the successes of past endorsements, we look forward to a very active and successful 2010."

 Ralph Avallone, President of the National Green Energy Council, said, "The GEC is pleased to add UTRM's unique and revolutionary waterless toothbrush to our rather exclusive and short list of Green Energy Council endorsed products. We at the GEC are committed to making a domestic and global impact on the introduction of emerging green technologies that address the environmental concerns of the world. Working in concert with GEC, UTRM will immediately benefit from our endorsement news distribution to over 2 million green technology contacts worldwide. In addition, we will organize a National Press Conference for UTRM including the invitation to over 850 media resources across the U.S. soon." Mr. Avallone continued, "We look forward to working with UTRM as a partner and advocate in introducing the Aquafreedom waterless toothbrushes to the 65 countries that currently boast a chapter of the Green Energy Council."

Todd Spinelli, Vice President of United Treatment Centers, said, "The many benefits derived by receiving this endorsement by the GEC further situate our young company with a place in the rapidly growing sustainable and green technology sector. As an integral benefit of the GEC endorsement, GEC will also appoint a representative from UTRM to the Green Energy Council Board of Directors, further assisting us with building our network of business relationships."

The crisis of limited sanitary water resources has moved to the forefront of environmentalists' and national policy think tanks' concerns. There are many who believe that the next great threat for the planet will be wars started due to a lack of water by certain countries and regions. The World Policy Journal just published an in-depth treatise on the coming "Water Wars." And National Geographic's April 2010 issue highlighted the very real need to conserve water for economic and security reasons.

UTRM's Waterless Toothbrush ( is an innovative and environmentally-friendly dental health product that does not require water while brushing. Considering there are over 2 billion people in the world that do not have access to sanitary water, it is UTRM's mission to contribute to making water conservation practical and convenient. By using the Waterless Toothbrush, consumers can help in global water conservation efforts while benefiting from a more effective teeth cleaning. According to a study published by the Journal of American Dental Association [JADA: 135(7): pp.1023-1029], the use of liquid dentifrice cleans teeth 35% better than when using traditional toothpaste. In addition to the important water conservation benefits, the recently introduced Waterless Toothbrush has a very large market represented by the US military (or any other nation's military), non-governmental organizations operating in the Third World, disaster relief organizations, outdoor sports enthusiasts, travelers, Federal Government agencies and people desiring daily convenience.

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UTRM is a dental health and green technology company which developed and is now marketing a revolutionary new, patented and patent pending oral care product which will change the way people perform their daily dental hygiene task-brushing teeth. UTRM will oversee out-sourced production of a patent pending consumer product focused on the $4.8 billion United States oral care market segment comprised of toothbrushes and toothpaste. The Waterless Tooth Brush is unique with significant advantages over existing and traditional toothbrushes: it cleans and prevents cavities 35% better than traditional brushing because it uses liquid dentifrice (Journal of American Dental Association [JADA:135(7): pp.1023-1029]), so toothpaste is no longer required to brush, allowing the user to brush virtually anywhere at any time with no water required. The company's corporate website is

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