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October 26, 2009 08:30 ET

United Treatment Centers, Inc. Announces Media Contract With Quorum Productions, Inc.

Quorum Productions Selects Aquafree™ Waterless Toothbrush to Be Highlighted on Television Segment Titled "Innovations in Oral Care" and Included in Print Ads

ASTORIA, NY--(Marketwire - October 26, 2009) - United Treatment Centers Inc. (PINKSHEETS: UTRM) announced today the partnership with Quorum Productions, Inc., a wholly-owned operating subsidiary of O2 Media, Inc. O2 Media, Inc. is a production company that is nationally renowned for creating award-winning educational programs. Quorum Productions has selected the Aquafree™ waterless toothbrush, above all other oral care products, to "star" on a feature story entitled "Innovations in Oral Care." As a result of their talented staff and quality productions O2 Media has won numerous Telly and Davey awards. In the 28th annual Telly awards alone, O2 Media, Inc. companies came home with an impressive 19 awards for the Designing Spaces television series.

Quorum's shows are geared towards disseminating vital solutions to everyday challenges and helping them make important decisions which impact their lives. Guests on Quorum Production television shows have included representatives from companies such as Microsoft, MTV, Warner Brothers, Morgan Stanley Chase, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Celebrity Cruise Lines and many others.

Quorum Productions, whose mission is: to Educate, Empower and Entertain, has selected Aquafree™ waterless toothbrush, above all other oral care products, to "star" on a feature story entitled "Innovations in Oral Care."

The Aquafree™ toothbrush ( is a new and innovative, environmentally-friendly product that does not require water. There are over 2 billion people in the world that do not have access to sanitary water. It is UTRM's mission to make water conservation practical and convenient. Using the Aquafree™ toothbrush is an effortless way for anyone to make an impact on the earth's water supply while gaining the added benefit of getting one's teeth 35 percent cleaner than traditional methods. Beyond the obvious water conservation benefits, the Aquafree™ toothbrush is especially attractive to those in the military, campers, travelers, and to those who do not have clean water readily or conveniently available.

The Aquafree™ toothbrush will appear on their new miniseries, Beauty Spaces, during their first quarter programming . Beauty Spaces distribution of the segment will include a minimum of 20 airings through a combination of any or all of the following networks: The Learning Channel (TLC), Women's Entertainment (WE), Lifetime Real Women, and Network affiliates for: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PAX and UPN, with the potential of reaching 80 million households.

Additionally, prior to the actual airing of the segment, Quorum Productions will be promoting the show in various print ads, press releases, newsletters, and social networking sites. Their time-tested and successful marketing techniques are a result of their targeted and creative approach. When promoting a program to a national audience, their advertising and PR departments collaborate to publicize their program message in exciting and innovative ways.

The segment will also stream 24 hours a day on the website to allow the viewer to peruse the story and also access the link to Aquafree's website. Look for a link to the Beauty Spaces website to be added to the Aquafree site in the near future.

Todd Spinelli, Vice-President of UTRM, said, "We couldn't be happier about being selected by Quorum Productions to feature our Aquafree™ toothbrush on their Beauty Spaces miniseries. After touring their studio and meeting their staff we are looking forward to working with them now and in the future. Quorum Productions has already indicated the desire to have follow-up segments featuring the Aquafree™ toothbrush and the success of the company."

Frank Ottaviani, President of United Treatment Centers, said, "We are very pleased to work together with Quorum Productions in building consumer awareness of our innovative waterless toothbrush. It is always a challenge to launch a new product into the marketplace, but we are developing a comprehensive marketing plan to build sales momentum quickly with creative partners such as Quorum Productions."

For more information on UTRM's AQUAFREE™ Product line, please call 1-877-AQUAFREE (1-877-278-2373) and leave off the last "E" for our Environment.

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UTRM is a publicly traded company, with business operations that promotes a revolutionary new, Patented and patent pending oral care product which will change the way people perform their daily dental hygiene task-brushing teeth. UTRM will oversee out-sourced production of a patent pending consumer product focused on the $4.8 billion United States oral care market segment comprised of toothbrushes and toothpaste. The Waterless Tooth Brush is unique with significant advantages over existing and traditional toothbrushes: it cleans and prevents cavities 35% better than traditional brushing because it uses liquid dentifrice, so toothpaste is no longer required to brush, allowing the user to brush virtually anywhere at any time with no water needed. The company's corporate website is The company's patent pending AQUAFREE ™ toothbrush is available for online orders at

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