SOURCE: United Virtualities

October 27, 2005 10:23 ET

United Virtualities Launches Downloadable Tool That Allows, for the First Time, Any iPod™ to Access Yahoo! Music Unlimited™ and Any MP3 Player to Access Both iTunes™ and Yahoo! Music


HotRecorder for Media Gives Music Control Back to Users

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 27, 2005 -- HotRecorder, a unit of the United Virtualities Group, the leading innovator of creative marketing and technology solutions for the digital marketplace, today announced a new product called HotRecorder for Media, designed to give control back to users who download music by recording and converting iTunes™ and Yahoo! Music Unlimited™ sound files to universal formats playable on any personal music device.

This means that iPod™ users and all other MP3 players that were not Yahoo! Music Unlimited™ compatible, will, for the first time, be able to play Yahoo! Music Unlimited™ files on their portable players. Conversely, users of any conventional non-Apple MP3 player will be able to play all iTunes™ files.

HotRecorder for Media can record any iTunes™ and Yahoo! Music Unlimited™ file and in the process convert them to universal formats. Converted music and any other sound file can then be transferred to any personal/portable music device (including any standard MP3 player) that might not have been compatible with either iTunes™ or Yahoo! Music Unlimited™. The conversion process is automatic and easy while assuring the highest sound quality. Future versions of HotRecorder for Media will be able to record any sound file including music from an ever-growing variety of sources.

HotRecorder for Media, an easy to use application, can be downloaded at in the next 60 days for a one-time payment of $ 19.95, a 33% discount of its regular price. Here is a link to the download.

It is guaranteed to be free of spyware/adware. HotRecorder for Media has no advertising and offers a free trial version for those who want to test it before buying.

"HotRecorder for Media enables its users to regain control of their downloaded music, as they have when they buy a CD, " says, Sabrina Spagnolo, HotRecorder's Corporate Communications Manager.

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