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August 07, 2006 08:00 ET

University of Alabama at Birmingham's Cardiac Rhythm Management Laboratory Wins DM Review World Class Solution Award for Analytics

"First of Its Kind" Application Uses Visual Numerics' PV-WAVE® to Analyze Fibrillation to Prevent Heart Attacks

HOUSTON, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 7, 2006 -- Visual Numerics, Inc., celebrating 35 years of producing advanced numerical analysis and visualization software, announced today that University of Alabama at Birmingham's Cardiac Rhythm Management Laboratory (CRML) was named a winner in the Analytic Applications category of DM Review's 2006 World Class Solution Awards competition. CRML has been using Visual Numerics' visual data analysis environment PV-WAVE to investigate the causes and potential treatments of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

Sudden cardiac death is due to heart attacks, and heart attacks are due to fibrillation, which are rapid uncoordinated twitching movements that replace the normal rhythmic contraction of the heart causing a lack of circulation and pulse. Professor Richard A. Gray, Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and member of CRML, studies how waves propagate throughout the heart. He theorized that fibrillation could be identified by spiral wave patterns that occur in the heart and built a "first of its kind" research application for identifying fibrillation with PV-WAVE, a sophisticated visual data analysis tool from Visual Numerics.

Using a combination of custom-made algorithms and PV-WAVE's powerful built-in algorithms, Dr. Gray and his team developed an interactive software environment called VIDAS (Video Imaging Data Analysis Software) for visualizing and analyzing CCD optical mapping data. Through PV-WAVE's graphical user-interface, Dr. Gray and his team use VIDAS to examine the 3-D surface of the heart qualitatively and to look inside and outside of the heart's surface. They also use PV-WAVE's mathematical algorithms to identify quantitative patterns in the spiral waves. In this way, they are able to make a connection between specific types of dynamic spatial patterns (e.g., spiral waves) and fibrillation.

To date, Dr. Gray's work has had a significant impact on the field of cardiac research. The day-to-day analysis of cardiac arrhythmias is conducted at a much faster pace and allows the CRML researchers and scientists to move forward in finding potential cures and treatments. Now that they can understand and analyze the patterns, they can research how to stop the patterns and how to use drugs to prevent the fibrillation from occurring in the first place.

"Dr. Gray's work with PV-WAVE is a testimony to the power and effectiveness of using visual data analysis in medicine and healthcare," said Phil Fraher, president and CEO of Visual Numerics. "We're honored that DM Review recognizes the CRML team for this tremendous achievement, as it serves an immeasurable benefit to society."

"The University of Alabama application developed using PV-WAVE was truly a world class solution because it advanced the discovery of potential cures and treatments in the field of cardiac research," said Mary Jo Nott, editor in chief of DM Review. "Not many technology implementations serve as an immeasurable benefit to society as this one does."

The World Class Solution Award, a symbol of excellence within the business intelligence and data warehousing industry, originated in 1996. More than 70 entries were accepted in categories that reflect mission-critical segments of the market as determined by feedback from DM Review readers. For further information concerning DM Review's 2006 awards, please visit:

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