SOURCE: University Bancorp

December 03, 2007 19:42 ET

University Bank Buys New Promia Raven Appliances

ANN ARBOR, MI--(Marketwire - December 3, 2007) - University Bank (NASDAQ: UNIB) today announced that it has tested, purchased and taken delivery of new Promia Raven model 1100 products from Promia, Inc., a developer of Security and Asset Monitoring products. The Promia Raven units are now deployed to protect University Bank's IT networks and University Bank's Mercury Message global secure instant messaging network ( Coordinated with this deployment has been onsite training of University Bank technical personnel for the use and operation of this new product.

Promia Raven 1100 is a hardened appliance that provides accurate and consistent detection, validation, and blocking response to internally and externally generated network and host computer intrusions. The devices connect together in a global grid allowing analysts real-time and forensic views of network activity in all sites. This allows active defense and protection of IT networks against hostile attacks such as denial of service or other hacking attempts. Promia Ravens identify the newest emerging threats and often protect IT assets against advanced attacks that are unseen by other leading cyber security devices.

Promia Raven also enables comprehensive asset monitoring and management with the ability to detect and report on devices, computers or applications that are not operating as expected. For example, the Promia Raven can predict hard drive failure in advance. The Asset Viewer 3-D tool allows operators to "fly" through the inside of the network viewing aspects of all connected assets, warping from University Bank facility to University Bank facility through router connections. This allows review and diagnosis of entire networks.

New Promia Raven devices are more powerful, smaller, less expensive, lighter, use less power and generate less heat than the previous award winning generation of Promia products. They handle larger loads, have more features, are faster and are easier to use. They do a better job in delivering accurate information without overwhelming operators or analysts than ever before. The 3-D Graphical User Interfaces are easier to understand and provide more information than previous versions.

Promia's President and CEO, John Mullen, stated, "We are proud of our record protecting the U.S. Navy's networks from network intrusion and the various forms of IP attacks. The deployment of Promia Ravens at University Bank's two data centers is our first commercial deployment outside the defense world of our industry leading products."

University Bank's President & Chairman, Stephen Lange Ranzini, who represents the U.S. Financial Services industry on the board of the U.S. standards setting body ASC-X9 and as an observer at the ISO TC68 global standards setting body, stated, "Promia's state of the art system has wide applicability to protect the IT assets of the financial services industry. We are proud to have been selected as the site of the first commercial deployment of this exciting and cost effective technology."

University Bank's CEO, Nicholas Fortson, who led the implementation team for the bank, noted that, "Just in the first day that the Promia system has been live, it has detected unsuccessful malicious attempts to penetrate our IT networks originating from North Korea, China and Oman."

About Promia, Incorporated

Promia, Incorporated is a leading developer and supplier of security tools, based on open standard components with advanced analytic capabilities, to the Fortune 1000 companies and government markets. Its products are used in environments requiring high security, reliability, performance, and scalability. Promia's core competencies include expertise in a wide range of languages, databases, security systems, communications protocols, hardware devices, artificial intelligence techniques as well as legacy integration and distributed data networks. Since the early 1990s, Promia has been in the forefront of developing secure software infrastructure solutions based on object-oriented technology and open standards for organizations worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, Promia has additional offices in Princeton, UC Davis, and Linthicum, Maryland.

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