Lioness for Lovers

Lioness for Lovers

January 17, 2008 16:18 ET

Unleash your Inner Lioness for a Sexy Valentine's Day

NANAIMO, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 17, 2008) - More than 2/3 of women fake their orgasms. Given that the most important part of love-making for men is their partner's satisfaction, this is a tragic situation. This Valentine's Day be satisfied for real and truly please your lover. In her over 25 years helping women bring out the Lioness within them, this statistic has sex goddess, Kim Switnicki's back up.

Kim says, "Most women are scared in the bedroom. They desperately want to share their true desires with their men. The big secret is how?" Unfortunately, women grow up not feeling "allowed" to say what is on their mind much less feeling good about how to ask for what they want in bed!

One way to begin is pick sexual positions where you have your hand between your legs to masturbate yourself. Take care of your own orgasm while making love with your partner. Alternatively, use a vibrator so your forearms don't get tired.

Another way to improve your chances of orgasm with your partner is to stay warm (women dislike making love when they're cold) and ask for a foot rub. Being warm and having your feet massaged are proven ways to shut down the amygdala (which controls fear and anxiety) in the female brain promoting arousability and orgasm. The old adage "use it or lose it" is just as true for the clitoris as for the mind. The sole purpose of the clitoris is sexual pleasure. Lack of clitoral stimulation will lessen your ability to orgasm over time. So if you don't have someone else playing with you for Valentine's Day - play with yourself.

Kim Switnicki, CEO of Lioness for Lovers is an international speaker focused on helping women Unleash their Inner Lioness. As a sex educator and coach she specializes in providing women ways to improve their sensual and sexual selves and experience deeply satisfying relationships. Kim has been profiled in newspapers and international webcasts. Her monthly newsletter is a well regarded source for tips, tricks and techniques for enhancing lovemaking. She is the creator of a kit "Unleash Your Inner Lioness: reach your sexual potential & transform your entire life" as well as an upcoming book on "Unlocking the Mysteries of the G-Spot".

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