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April 22, 2010 07:00 ET

Update: Mobile BIS 'CrimeTracker' Technology Enhanced to Help Police Efforts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2010) -  Mobile BIS, one of the nation's leading innovators of mobile technology services, has announced the expansion of their law enforcement related software that dramatically enhances police officer and community safety, including instant background checks and sex offender tracking capabilities.

Called "CrimeTracker," the mobile applications for the new software were first released in 2009, and have now been further broadened to provide patrolling police officers with instant access to an individual's criminal history, gang affiliation, and a color-coded warning rating, and more, all from the officer's patrol car. The phones also display photos of the suspect for identification verification as well as allow the officers to instantly download photos, videos and voice into an investigation file.

"The program is now fully operational on Droid and all Blackberry phone systems as well as laptops or notebooks," Mobile BIS president Michael Macho explained. In fact, the APIs and Connectors now allow the program to be installed and function efficiently on virtually any platform. 

The sex offender application provides for police to identify the exact location of registered sex offenders, with a unique utilization of Google Maps and Mobile BIS's innovative real-time tracking system. 

"Police officers on street patrol are able to approach an individual or a motor vehicle with instant information and a warning cue as to the danger of the situation," Macho explained. "It's a tremendous boon to the officer's safety and ensures that back-up requests are initiated before a dangerous situation develops," Macho added.

There are four "indexes" that the system instantly cross-checks on an investigation: name, location, vehicle and property. CrimeTracker can instantly drill down on all of these and call-up references that might be relevant to the case or suspect.

Additionally, Jail Watch and the Corrections Management System also offer a program tailored for correctional institutions which automatically generates a danger profile of an inmate to help assess their appropriate housing assignment.

The law enforcement and public safety applications are already in place in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and New York. A number of other states are actively exploring the use of the application as well.

Mobile BIS, a division of BIS Computer Solutions, provides software applications and solutions for mobile devices -- smart phones and handheld computers -- to automate a company's operations, accelerate responsiveness of its field and transportation personnel and maximize customer satisfaction. Mobile BIS is an Oracle Certified Partner and a member of the Oracle Development Alliance. Its mobile solutions are developed and implemented using the Oracle 10g database and Oracle 10g lite mobile application server. A global technology firm, it maintains offices in Los Angeles, New York, Italy and India.

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