Trendfield Holdings SA

January 30, 2007 18:51 ET

Uranium-Award of Prospecting Permits Puts Trendfield Holdings SA in the Forefront

NIAMEY, NIGER--(CCNMatthews - January 30, 2007) - The renewed interest in Niger uranium provoked a real rush within the mining industry for its exploration that contains potentially important reserves. One also notes that this rush exists for other mining substances such as oil, gold and tin.

This interest is explained primarily by the increase in the price of uranium, of which Niger is the third world producer. The Government of Niger proceeded with the allocation of prospecting permits after analyzing multiple requests lodged by several mining companies.

TRENDFIELD HOLDINGS SA, a fully owned subsidiary company of TRENDFIELD ENERGY & RESOURCES PLC, whose purpose is to participate in enhancing the mining potential of Niger, has been awarded by the Government two uranium prospecting permits by the Council of Ministers on the 17/01/2007.

Indeed, TRENDFIELD HOLDINGS SA acquired the permits known as TAGAZA II and TAGAZA IV adjoining on the existing permit of Teguidda containing proven reserves; these permits represent an area of 500 km2 each and are located in the North of In Gall, in the Department of Tchirozerine, Province of Agadez where twelve other permits were previously awarded to Australian, Chinese and Canadian companies.

TRENDFIELD HOLDINGS SA will undertake a research program on the two permits over a period of three years, the objective being to highlight economically viable deposits.

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