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August 03, 2006 10:35 ET

VCarious Launches Dynamic Travel Exploration Network; Web 2.0-Enabled Tools Allow Seamless, Interactive Discovery of Worldwide Destinations Using Rich User-Generated Content

Travel Enthusiasts Can Now Explore Worldwide Destinations Through Photos, Blogs, and Guides Using Interactive Maps, Share Experiences With Friends, and Interact With Peers -- All Within an Integrated, User-Friendly Environment

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 3, 2006 -- VCarious, the travel site for exploring worldwide destinations, today unveiled a host of web 2.0-enabled services to easily navigate its network of user-driven travel content. With VCarious, travel enthusiasts can explore destinations around the world and discover the perfect place for their next trip.

VCarious fills an important space between photo sharing sites and popular travel sites. Photo sharing services like Flickr focus on pictures, and other travel sites mostly focus on reviews and journals. VCarious integrates user-generated travel content including photos, blogs, and guides into a rich, interactive environment for exploring places, planning trips, and sharing experiences. VCarious breaks new ground at by providing some of the most dynamic tools on the web, using web 2.0 technologies and Google Maps, for exploring travel content and providing travelers a real sense of where they will be visiting.

"Travelers want a way to experience destinations before they go. They want more than just reviews and journals... they want to get a feel for a place. VCarious provides this interactive environment to explore destinations and learn from fellow travelers," noted Abe Heckenbach, co-founder of VCarious. "If you're getting on the plane tomorrow or just want to explore the world from your desk, you can get vivid travel information from VCarious."

Within the VCarious travel exploration network, users can take advantage of the following features:

--  Explore photos and guides from around the world by navigating
    interactive maps, with options to narrow results by your interests. Can
    explore by geography and concepts, not just city names.
--  Unique ability to combine guides, photos, journals in one dynamic
--  Advanced photo sharing that integrates with Flickr for multiple
    options when importing photos.
--  Create vivid travel blogs with photos and interactive itinerary maps.
--  Collaborate with other users on community-authored travel guides.
--  Interact with like-minded travelers through in-site messaging and
    discussions to ask about experiences, get advice, and meet friends and
    travel companions.
For example, a traveler planning a trip to Southeast Asia can zoom into the region on an interactive map and immediately see images of Thailand and Vietnam, contributed by other travelers. She can view these travelers' profiles and read journals of their trips. All of these resources can be plotted on a map and refined using various tools. When she's ready for more information, she can read the community-authored guides.

About VCarious

VCarious is the most dynamic travel exploration network that enables users to seamlessly discover worldwide destinations and a wealth of user-driven multimedia content in an easy-to-use format. Travel photos, journals, guides and maps are integrated through a customizable interface and empowered by a host of interactive, Web 2.0 tools. VCarious, founded by travelers frustrated with the limitations of printed guides and web sites alike, enables users to truly explore destinations and then share travel experiences with like-minded peers. For more information, visit:

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