January 23, 2008 16:22 ET

VTEC INC. Launches Made in USA Certified

Enables Global Shoppers to Identify USA-Made Quality

DELRAY BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - January 23, 2008) - VTEC INC. (PINKSHEETS: VTEC), a market innovator in enabling internet and retail enterprise, today announced the official launch of its USA.c Certification Program and The USA.c Certification Program enables manufacturers with products produced substantially in the USA to label their products as such, through our third-party endorsed tracking and verification system, to help their customers make informed buying decisions. The launch of the program and the supporting website, allow or clients to easily register new products and appropriately label them for sale with an accurate and verified indication of their US-made authenticity. The company is now accepting applications from eligible companies. Member fees range from $5,000 to over $100,000 depending on annual revenues of the applicant and certain other criteria. The company believes these fees will positively impact revenue and earnings over the next several quarters.

"In these days of import safety concerns and trade deficit worries, it has become apparent that the US consuming public has become more diligent in their efforts in seeking out products based on their authenticity of manufacture," said VTEC, Inc., chief executive officer Julie Reiser. "Through the launch of the USA.c Certification Program and, we will have an opportunity to become a leading advocate and supplier of critical information necessary for our consuming public to identify products as well as supporting our most important manufacturing base, adding to the potential of US domestic job creation.

USA.c has begun to promote the certification, copyright and service mark (USA.c (SM)) seal to the public and to manufacturers in the USA. USA.c is currently comprised of manufacturers, related industry and sponsor members who believe in keeping Manufacturing and Jobs made in the United States, the USA.c mission is to:

--  Educate members of the general public about the United States
    manufacturing industry and its significance to community, economic and
    social development.
--  Provide a proper, practical and efficient means of maintaining
    contacts among members of the United States manufacturing industry and
    encourage USA product in sourcing and purchase for private companies as
    well as local, state and federal government.
--  Facilitate the exchange of information within the industry by
    sponsoring educational seminars, conferences and programs, and assist
    members in maintaining compliance with existing standards/laws on matters
    relating to the development and enhancement of the United States.

As a unified group of manufacturers, related industry and sponsor members with common interests and goals, our efforts can:

--  Establish a Certified Made in the USA service mark (SM), USA.c, that
    will instill confidence in the buying public.
--  USA.c's certification program is for manufacturers and distributors to
    establish a solid and reliable "Made in USA" standardized scale, in
    accordance with the United States country of origin labeling requirements
    for manufactured goods, produce and services in the United States.
--  Create and distribute press releases to the public to promote USA.c
    and industry-related issues.

For more information on USA.c pricing, procedures, and eligibility requirements, please contact Made in USA, USA.c Certification Program Headquarters at 877-244-6972, ext. 3 or


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