January 07, 2008 12:55 ET

VTEC Inc. Expands Operations of Made in USA Group

Initiates Innovative New Programs to Further Support Manufacturers in the United States

DELRAY BEACH, FL--(Marketwire - January 7, 2008) - VTEC Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VTEC), a market innovator in enabling and building internet and retail enterprises, today announced plans to expand operations of its wholly owned subsidiary, Made in USA Group, Inc., into three divisions, Made in USA Magazine, Made in USA Certification and Labeling, and Made in USA Commerce Operations.

Chief Executive Officer of VTEC Inc., Julie Reiser, stated, "After years of successfully marketing the print and on-line version of Made in USA Magazine, we have taken the initiative of now aggressively expanding our support efforts to promote US products and further educate consumers. VTEC Inc. is proud to announce today the addition of two new innovative support programs for US Manufacturers. In addition to our Made in USA Magazine Division, we are adding our ground breaking Made in USA Certification Process (USA.c™) and Made in USA Depot, a one-stop shopping venue for everything Made in USA that will fall under the Made in USA Commerce Division."

Julie Reiser went on to explain the company's passion for Made in USA, "Recent disturbing headlines of toxic toys, food and pharmaceuticals from China, along with what many say is the 'Crisis on the Disappearing Middle Class' with oil prices on the rise, the dollar weakening, home prices plummeting and unemployment rising -- we definitely have some growing problems as a Nation. The obvious question is 'What can we do?' The answer is not quite so easy -- but, it is important to recognize to have a healthy economy we need to support our own US Manufacturers and businesses, we need the creation of more US jobs and less reliance on other nations to supply our needs and wants. The time is now and Made in USA Group is taking the active position that with information along with pro-active action we can make a difference and help our Nation be stronger."

The Made in USA Magazine Division will continue to offer a print and on-line e-zine which consistently reaches out to their rapidly growing subscriber base by delivering fast and accurate information on domestic manufacturing trends, import warnings, and related national and economic news issues. Made in USA Magazine is the information vehicle that 'puts the power with the people' and arms consumers with the knowledge they need to make smart consumer purchases that support the national economy and US jobs.

The innovative and ground breaking Made in USA Certification and Labeling Division gives the US manufacturing industry a standardized third-party labeling and certification program that will certify to consumers that certain products are indeed MADE IN USA. Consumers and manufacturers will be empowered by the standardized mark certifying products as Made in USA Certified with a highly recognizable USA.c™ trademarked stamp enhancing peace of mind for consumers and verification for manufacturers.

The Made in USA Commerce Division will enable product and service providers manufacturing and operating in the United States a better way to reach their target audience of discerning consumers. It has always been difficult for consumers to find Made in USA produced goods and with the creation of Made in USA Depot, VTEC will create a one-stop shop where consumers can find everything from food, furnishings, clothes, tools, pharmaceuticals, etc. Consumers will be able to satisfy almost all their needs with products Made in USA and all under one virtual roof with plans to build brick and mortar retail shops of Made in USA Depot franchises Nationwide coming soon.

To contact VTEC Inc. regarding exposing your US-made products through our programs, please email us at or call us toll-free at 877-244-6972 Ext. 3


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