May 17, 2006 08:59 ET

Vacation Deprivation: Expedia.ca

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(CCNMatthews - May 17, 2006) -

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Warning! A Canadian profession may be severely vacation deprived, and Canadians may top the list of countries that take the least amount of vacation time.

The fourth annual Expedia.ca/Ipsos-Reid Vacation Deprivation study, a comprehensive look at whether Canadians take enough vacation time, is about to be released. This year, in addition to comparing workers in Canada to the rest of the world, the survey will feature never-seen-before results of the most vacation deprived profession in Canada. Which profession do Canadians feel doesn't get or take enough vacation time? Is it Lawyers? Nurses? Investment bankers or teachers? And, more importantly, what do these results mean?

Beverly Beuermann-King, sociologist and stress expert, is visiting Calgary on May 17 and can provide insights on the following topics:

Vacation deprivation in Canada vs. the world - in 2005, Canada was deemed one of the most vacation-deprived countries in the world; how will we compare this year?

- Vacation days received compared to actually taken

- Why aren't Canadians taking this time? How will this impact them?

Results from the survey on vacation deprivation:

- Barriers to taking vacation

- Most vacation deprived profession - What are some of the most vacation-deprived professions in Canada and how do they compare with other professions?

- Salary vs. vacation - are Canadians willing to sacrifice pay for more vacation time?

- How highly do Canadians rate vacation time rate versus other job perks?

Vacations as a management tool for stress

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