SOURCE: Vanguard Pharmaceutitcals Corp.

December 01, 2008 11:49 ET

Vanguard Pharmaceutical Corporation Negotiates Telomerase Delivery Technology

SAN ANTONIO, TX--(Marketwire - December 1, 2008) - Vanguard Pharmaceutical Corp. (PINKSHEETS: VGPH), a company who has joined the fight against cancer by selling affordable generic oncology drugs and researching noninvasive cures for cancer, is now in negotiations with a biotechnology company who has an effective delivery method for telomerase therapies. Vanguard is negotiating to either acquire or gain a significant stake in the company.

Telomerase therapy is a revolutionary technology that can kill cancer by stopping the production of cancer cells without harming other cells and it can become our fountain of youth by regenerating cells to treat aging and age related diseases. When a cell contains telomerase it re-lengthens telomeres which are a repeating DNA structure at the ends of each chromosome that shorten with each cell division and eventually kills the cell.

Cancer cells are immortal because they contain telomerase which allows the cancerous cells to continually divide and replicate without limit. Telomerase inhibitors will rapidly kill cancer cells by shortening its telomeres.

Normal body cells are mortal and slow down when their telomeres shorten. They do not contain telomerase to keep them youthful. Telomerase activators have shown to increase telomere length which can restore skins youthful appearance and can heal arthritic joints or cardiovascular tissue.

Telomerase therapy can kill cancer and rejuvenate cells, however, the barrier to the technology has been an effective method to deliver telomerase therapy in living organisms. The company Vanguard is in negotiations with has a delivery technology that for the first time makes practical the delivery of telomerase therapies to cells and tissues in a living organism.

About Vanguard Pharmaceutical

In an era of ageing populations, rising health care costs, and increasing cancer cases Vanguard's mission is to decrease health care expenditures by selling affordable oncology and generic drugs and by investing in research to find a noninvasive cure for cancer.

Generic medicines allow patients to access safe, effective, high-quality medicines at 10%-80% of the price of branded originator medicines. In this way, generic medicines support the sustainability of health care provision and contribute to controlling pharmaceutical expenditure. Vanguard is currently targeting Latin America for its oncology and generic pharmaceutical sales as it is believed to have a substantially unmet demand for advanced generics and entry into the market can be done with relative ease. Latin America is set to emerge as a globally significant market and its generics market is conservatively expected to reach US$6.4 billion by the year-end of 2009.

A noninvasive cure for cancer will revolutionize our health care system by highly reducing hospital stays as patients will not have to go through life threatening chemotherapy and radiation which could save health care systems billions of dollars. Vanguard's team is researching several new technologies such as telomerase inhibitor therapy, nanoparticle therapies, and low power radio frequency radiation. Vanguard plans to partner with established clinical centers and universities to further develop these technologies then license them out. It has also discussed performing trials in Latin American oncology centers.

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