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March 25, 2010 08:30 ET

Veg Pro and CAMS: A Regional Partnership

Two Neighbouring Companies Join Forces to Optimize Production and Soil Usage

SHERRINGTON, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - March 25, 2010) - Veg Pro International, one of Canada's foremost fresh vegetable growers, has announced the signing of an official agreement with CAMS Inc., through subsidiary Vert Nature.

These neighbouring companies, both deeply rooted in the Sherrington community for decades, are now joining forces to optimize their production capabilities and maximize both soil usage and crop rotation.

"This alliance brings together two natural partners, said Gerry Van Winden, company owner and himself the son of a vegetable grower. Veg Pro and CAMS have evolved side by side, and we've collaborated frequently throughout the years. Through this partnership, we are securing the means to further develop the synergy between our respective companies."

While Vert Nature specializes in the growth and processing of baby greens and baby spinach sold pre-washed, neighbour CAMS Inc. specializes in the growth of onions, carrots and lettuce.

Veg Pro and CAMS Inc. will maintain respective independent activities. Over the next few months, both companies with their teams will be working together to determine how they can benefit from their respective experiences and employee expertise. "It's in the field, among our crops, that this partnership will truly take shape," added Mr. Van Winden.

"This partnership is the preferred solution for the Subtil family, as it allows the CAMS team to pursue and optimize the productions that have built up its reputation," said Mr. Benoît Subtil, President of CAMS Inc.

About Veg Pro International

Founded in the Montérégie region in 1952, this family business is Québec's leading fresh vegetable grower. Veg Pro International grows various lettuce types and other fresh vegetables within the province from May to November, and in Florida during the winter. Each year, the company employs over 500 people.

Veg Pro International is one of the few local spring mix producing companies in Québec. Several of its products, such as baby greens and spinach, are sold in 100% recyclable plastic containers under the "Fresh Attitude" brand in the produce section. Veg Pro products are distributed in major food outlets throughout Québec, Ontario and the Atlantic regions, as well an on the United States' East Coast.

About CAMS Inc.

Owned by the Subtil family since 1977, CAMS Inc. is the largest onion producer in Québec. With more than 460 hectares of cultivated muck soil, the company employs, during high season, over 50 people. Its products, namely onions and carrots, can be found in major food outlets in Québec, where they are sold under the CAMS brand name. They are also distributed on the U.S. East Coast.

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