March 07, 2007 15:02 ET

VelvetPuffin Launches Mobile Social Networking Site Perfect For On-The-Go College Students

SINGAPORE--(Collegiate Presswire - March 7, 2007) - VelvetPuffin today launched the first integrated social networking site that combines all the elements of social networking - video, photos, blogs, IM, along with new features such as "polling" - all from either a cell phone or computer. The site is completely carrier independent and offered at no cost to the user.

VelvetPuffin allows people who are always on-the-go to stay connected via their mobile phone. With this new service, users are able to keep in touch, share any facet of their social life and their "social content" instantly -- from wherever they are. While enroute to class, on the quad or out having coffee, students can check their profile, IM friends, and watch YouTube videos from their phone.

"I'm always out doing things and never around computers. VelvetPuffin allows me to stay connected to my friends when I'm on campus or in class," said Kelly Maxfield, a third year business major at University of San Diego. "I love the polling feature, it makes planning with friends easier. But the feature I like the best is that I can view YouTube videos from my phone. Instead of waiting till I get to a computer to see the new YouTube video all my friends are talking about I just pull it up on my phone. I usually end up sending it to others to see as well."

VelvetPuffin creates a holistic mobile social networking experience whether people are at their desktop computer or on-the-go with their mobile phone, the user experience is the same. All user-generated content including videos, photos, blogs and more is delivered to the user's mobile phone or computer in real time and is free.

"Never before has this level of information and connectivity been offered to the social networking community," said R.Chandrasekar, VelvetPuffin CEO. Our users are no longer bound to their desktop computer -- they can now interact from anywhere."

All VelvetPuffin features, which corporate many industry firsts, are available to both desktop and mobile users, including:

* Instant Messaging: While VelvetPuffin has its own IM community, it also allows users to connect to outside IM accounts including AOL, Yahoo!, and MSN. VelvetPuffin's IM structure allows for its users to be alerted to new shared content and connected to others in their community.

* Polling: VelvetPuffin users don't have to worry about calling multiple friends to get everyone to agree on weekend plans. All they need to do is set-up an online poll and invite their VelvetPuffin friends to vote, no matter where they happen to be. Results are then aggregated and shared with the voters.

* Video Sharing: Videos are easily delivered to VelvetPuffin users, at either their desktop or their mobile phones. Additional features include the ability to access, view and share YouTube, Google Video and Metacafe within VelvetPuffin.

* Photo Sharing: When photos are posted on VelvetPuffin, connected friends can view them instantly with their mobile phone or from their desktop computer. The photo feature alerts users via IM when new postings occur.

* Blogging: VelvetPuffin users can create, maintain and share their blog from any location. The blog feature alerts users via IM when updates occur.


VelvetPuffin is accessible by anyone with a Java 2-enabled mobile phone or desktop computer. The VelvetPuffin mobile application is available today for download over GSM/CDMA on any Java 2-enabled handset. All PC users with Internet access can also access VelvetPuffin. There is no cost to download VelvetPuffin. To download and become a VelvetPuffin member, visit Standard Internet and data access rates apply.

About VelvetPuffin

VelvetPuffin is the first integrated social networking service that enables users of all ages to instantly communicate, create, and share personally-generated content of all types with friends and family through a mobile phone or personal computer. It is currently accessible to anybody with a Java 2-enabled mobile phone or a desktop computer with an Internet connection. VelvetPuffin is headquartered in Singapore. For more information and news on VelvetPuffin, please visit

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