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April 28, 2010 08:00 ET

"Venus of Venice," an Ongoing Art Exhibit of Oil Paintings by J M Demetrius, Meet Artist on May 15

An Ongoing Art Exhibit of Oil Paintings

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - April 28, 2010) -  J M Demetrius, who made his permanent home in Chicago, is presenting the show "Venus of Venice" at Gaudi, a Spanish-Mexican establishment at 624 N. Ashland, Chicago.

The purpose of this one of a kind show is to present a visual story of man's ability to survive and to go on creating beauty, as the case with Venice does prove. The entire collection of oil paintings -- more than a couple hundred and still growing -- came simultaneously with the book of poetry with the same name and should be seen preferably in the daytime.

Although experimenting with well over forty art motives, Jovan was focused on the present one. Man is capable of achieving the impossible -- a city in the sea, Venice. As known, the beautiful Venus came out of the sea the same way as equally beautiful Venice did at 453 AD. Because of this legendary background the imagination is unlimited and always fresh and surprising, even to the artist.

The artist, J.M. Demetrius, is often called a "renaissance man" for being author of novels (published novel "An Icy day in August"), 24 plays, a book of stories, of philosophy and theatre, several books of poetry, as well as being a stage director, acting teacher, violin maker and a solo violinist.

Mr. J.M. Demetrius MA is an American citizen of Serbian origin born in Belgrade, a city known for its cosmopolitan and vivid culture.

Jovan started studying art at the age of eight, and had exhibited with his teacher as a child prodigy. He said once, "I became drunk of colors in the autumn when I was only five and sobered up never since," and he's now in his young seventies.

He will meet his audience at "Gaudi," ready to answer any questions on his art and anything else in connection with art, literature and music.

The date is Saturday, May 15, at noon.

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