Veri-Cheque Ltd.

Veri-Cheque Ltd.

July 08, 2009 16:16 ET

Veri-Cheque Credit Insurance Protects Businesses Against Bad Debt Losses and Bankruptcies

THORNHILL, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 8, 2009) - In today's recession it's much more difficult for Canadian businesses to succeed. Everyday businesses face the risk that one or more of their customers won't be able to pay their bills. With reduced credit from financial institutions, there is much more financial pressure on otherwise well-managed companies to stay afloat. In addition, today's economic environment prevents companies from expanding as they are forced to limit their sales potential in order to manage their financial risk.

"There are services to help businesses succeed and even grow in these difficult financial times," says Marvin Rosenzweig, Sales Manager of Veri-Cheque Ltd. "In the same way people buy insurance to protect themselves from job loss or disability, businesses can buy credit insurance, such as Veri-Cheque's Business Credit Guarantee Program, to avoid unnecessary financial risks and potential bankruptcies."

Veri-Cheque Helps Businesses Expand Without Increasing Risk

Veri-Cheque has been serving clients across the country as a leading cheque and financial protection company in Canada since 1978. With Veri-Cheque's business credit insurance, companies can protect their commercial accounts receivable against unexpected credit losses. The service allows businesses to extend more credit to their customers and reduces the chance of nonpayment, in effect allowing them to grow their sales risk-free.

"Our company's credit managers work with each company to better manage their business and increase profits," adds Rosenzweig. "We offer peace of mind to our customers as we assume the risk of nonpayment and eliminate the need for expensive debt collection services."

About Veri-Cheque

Veri-Cheque is one of Canada's leading financial guarantors in the area of accounts receivable protecting companies against late and nonpayments, bankruptcies, business closures, NSF and fraudulent cheques. With over 30 years of expertise in risk assessment, Veri-Cheque is a credit authority protecting Canadian wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers from unexpected bad debt losses. Offices are located in Vancouver, Thornhill and Montreal.

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