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June 16, 2010 09:00 ET

VeriSign Code Signing Certificates Help MuvEnum Improve Online Sales by 21.1 Percent

Leveraging VeriSign's Ability to Authorize Certificates for 64-Bit Windows Vista and Windows 7, MuvEnum Builds Trust With Customers Buying Software Online

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2010) -  VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, today announced it helped MuvEnum increase its online software sales by more than 21 percent in the month after MuvEnum began using VeriSign Code Signing Certificates.

MuvEnum, whose flagship MuvAudio application converts audio files for same-quality playback on any audio device, has been selling software online since 2005. But by 2007 the company realized it was losing revenue opportunities because many users of 64-bit Microsoft operating systems were receiving intimidating warning messages when they tried to download MuvEnum software. The warnings said the application lacked digital code signing certificates and could be harmful. A code signed digital certificate acts as "virtual shrinkwrap" to assure the recipient of downloaded software of the authenticity of the publisher and that the software has not been tampered with in transit.

MuvEnum attempted to address the issue initially by using another vendor's code signing certificates, but the warning messages persisted, thus costing the company valuable time and money. MuvEnum didn't realize that most Certificate Authorities (CAs) are not authorized to provide certificates for 64-bit Windows® drivers.

The company then turned to VeriSign. Unlike most CAs, VeriSign is authorized and able to provide the Class 3, cross-signed certificates Microsoft requires for its 64-bit platform drivers. That includes the 64-bit version of Windows 7, which is increasingly popular with MuvEnum's quality and performance-oriented customers.

The once-troublesome warning messages disappeared after MuvEnum introduced VeriSign® Code Signing Certificates to its customers. The impact on customer confidence was immediate: online software sales leapt 21.1 percent the month after the certificates were introduced and have continued rising steadily since. MuvEnum identified VeriSign Code Signing as a key element in achieving the revenue boost. Read case study at

"The bottom line is that VeriSign is one of the very few CAs whose code signing certificates do the job for MuvEnum, or indeed for any publisher whose software contains drivers and who wants to tap the burgeoning 64-bit market," said John Rennemeyer, MuvEnum's owner. "We checked each of the authorized vendors out, and VeriSign was the most reasonably priced."

Rennemeyer added that VeriSign certificates offer other advantages over the competition. "VeriSign has outstanding name recognition and trust," he said. "When customers open their certificates, they can view the details and see the familiar VeriSign name that helps assure them that the software comes from MuvEnum so they can safely install our software without fear of viruses or other kinds of malware. Choosing VeriSign added security and peace of mind about the whole E-commerce experience for our customers and for us as well. From all points of view it was the right direction to go."

"Consumers who download software want to trust the source," said Jay Schiavo, director of product management at VeriSign. "That means software providers who fail to digitally sign their code run the risk of losing customers and revenues to the inevitable warning messages that appear when consumers download unsigned software. MuvEnum's experience shows how effective VeriSign Code Signing Certificates can be in turning revenue losses into increased sales."

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