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August 05, 2008 08:00 ET

VeriWave Expands WiFi Test Solutions for Open-Air Field Tests, Large-Scale Deployments

Aerohive Networks Utilizes New High-Power Test Blade

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - August 5, 2008) - VeriWave, Inc. is expanding its mobile performance testing and analysis solutions with new high-density and high-power WiFi test blades targeted at open-air field testing and very large-scale test beds.

High-power test blade for open-air field testing

Uniquely designed for open-air field testing, the new WBW1101P WiFi WaveBlade introduces a high-power radio with output power of up to +15 dBm in the 2.4 Ghz, 4.9 Ghz, and 5.0 Ghz bands. Field testers and network planners can now create realistic open-air tests combining actual laptops, WLAN phones, scanners and other wireless devices with a large number of stateful clients generated by the WaveTest system. With the new WaveBlade, the WaveTest system offers for the first time the ability to pre-qualify the behavior of a deployed network and assess its capacity before connecting users to the network.

Aerohive Networks, creators of the controller-less "cooperative control" wireless LAN architecture, is utilizing the VeriWave WBW1101P WiFi WaveBlade to round out performance analysis of its HiveAP cooperative control access points. Along with extensive lab testing during development, Aerohive conducts field testing for each new software release in office buildings and in university stadiums using 802.11n or a/b/g access points connected wirelessly to VeriWave's test system.

"Field testing gives us the confidence that our solution will perform as expected in real-world customer environments," says Changming Liu, CTO and vice president of engineering, Aerohive. "VeriWave provides the portability and efficiency we need to verify client authentication, QoS, roaming and mesh capabilities. The ability to use a single test system to create hundreds of clients in the field provides unprecedented visibility into the customer experience."

Along with open-air field testing, the WBW1101P WiFi WaveBlade is optimized for onsite and "hot spot" testing by wireless client device manufacturers and service providers requiring deeper insight into client behavior in real-world scenarios.

4-port test blade for large-scale deployments

The WBW1104 WiFi WaveBlade features four independent WiFi test ports capable of generating and analyzing up to 500 mobile clients per port, allowing testing of as many as 18,000 wireless clients within a single WT90 chassis. With expanded port density per chassis, manufacturers of WLAN infrastructure equipment can create test scenarios capable of testing the latest breed of WLAN controllers being deployed in extremely large corporate environments, thus reducing test costs and substantially increasing test coverage.

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