December 05, 2007 08:00 ET

Verizon Turns to Radialpoint for New On-Demand Security Test to Help Net Users Nix Unsafe PC Habits

Radialpoint launches online diagnostic tool to help users stay protected against viruses, spyware and hackers

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 5, 2007) - Radialpoint, leading provider of managed Internet security services for the world's largest Internet service providers (ISPs), announced today that its on-demand security test is now available in the United States. Security Advisor™ allows users to scan their PCs for the presence and proper functioning of virus, spyware or personal firewall protection software in less than five seconds. The tool, which is now available free of charge from Verizon to all Internet users (http://www.verizon.net/securityadvisor), educates users about security risks by providing them with a security rating for their PC and suggestions on how to reduce any vulnerabilities.

"Many people don't realize just how vulnerable they are to online threats and are relying on old, expired or ineffective security software. When people don't have up-to-date security software installed, they are exposing their PCs to the thousands of new threats that have cropped up since expiration," says Hamnett Hill, CEO of Radialpoint. "With this new diagnostic tool, consumers are now empowered to make more informed choices through a better understanding of what they need to do to ensure they stay safe - before it's too late."

Security Advisor can detect and diagnose the status of over 200 different consumer security applications and report back on any vulnerabilities, including a lack of updates or real-time protection - both of which are critical to protect against the latest online threats. It also reports on conflicting security applications that can slow down a PC. Security Advisor continues to checkS Security Advisor continues to check subscribers' systems every day and will alert them whenever they are at risk from missing or compromised security software.

By providing users with access to critical information about security risks, Security Advisor allows ISPs to increase their subscribers' awareness of threats. Recent research shows there is a pressing need for this education in North America. According to a survey released by Verizon today, 95 per cent of Americans believe they are safe from online threats, but only 41 per cent are actually safe. The survey, which polled 545 Internet users in the US, combined a traditional online survey questionnaire with the Security Advisor scan. This comparison between the real risk as determined by the PC scan and the consumer's perceived risks showed that they are unknowingly exposing themselves to threats through bad habits such as relying on expired or old security software.

"As our recent survey shows, almost 6 out of 10 Americans have inadequate or out-of-date protection and are vulnerable to attacks. The key to addressing this problem lies in helping users understand exactly where they stand on security issues," says Bill Heilig, vice president for Verizon Broadband Services. "Security Advisor quickly scans virtually all security packages to diagnose and rate your security status. If you are at risk, it will tell you why and provide easy steps to improve your rating. We are providing Security Advisor free to all Internet subscribers to help build awareness for online safety issues."

Visit http://www.verizon.net/securityadvisor to try the online diagnostic tool.

Security Advisor allows consumers to resolve security issues with a few simple clicks. Vulnerable consumers can find an easy path to comprehensive security from a trusted source, while existing security subscribers receive a reassuringly high score. In addition to identifying key problem areas and an overview of next steps, the tool allows users who want more comprehensive results to click on a tab for a detailed breakdown of their PC's security status.

Security Advisor analyzes a user's anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall protection. By offering this tool, service providers such as Verizon are empowering users to easily and proactively measure the safety of their PCs. Users no longer need to wait until their firewalls are penetrated or they download a virus to know their software has expired.

For more information on the Security Advisor, contact info@radialpoint.com.

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