Versature Corp.

Versature Corp.

May 29, 2006 10:13 ET

Versature expands to Calgary, Vancouver and Quebec City

Hosted Small Business Communications Service Now Available in 3 Additional Markets in Canada. Attention: Business/Financial Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor OTTAWA, ON, MEDIA ADVISORY--(CCNMatthews - May 29, 2006) - Versature's service availability expanded exponentially today with the addition of Calgary, Vancouver and Quebec City to it's local calling area. Versature now has twelve Canadian cities in it's local calling area including major cities such as Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa as well as smaller destinations such as Hamilton, Kitchener, London and Kingston. Calls made to these destinations on the Versature service cost no more than calls made in your neighborhood, no matter where your small business is physically located.

Benefits for Versature's Small Business clients are three-fold:

1- A Versature subscriber in Ottawa can now choose to have a phone number for their business in Calgary, without actually having a physical location there.

2- Calls made from a Versature subscriber in Toronto to a colleague in Vancouver will cost the same as a call made to a local Toronto destination.

3- Calls made between Versature subscribers are always free, so a Versature customer in Vancouver can now talk to a Versature subscriber in Quebec City for as long as they want for no charge.

Versature's President, Paul Emond, notes that expansion to the west has been on the wishlist for some time now. "We have heard from many enthusiastic potential customers in Calgary and Vancouver over the past six months and I'm happy today to announce that those customers can now take advantage of the same reliability, benefits and cost savings that Versature offers it's small business customers in the East." said Emond. "We're excited about offering service to these new markets and trust small business will feel confident that Versature's hosted communications solutions are a viable alternative to the large phone and cable companies offerings, with better service and at a lower cost." adds Emond.

Versature uses your existing internet connection to provide reliable, high-quality phone service using a technology called VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. It enables digital voice signals to travel over the internet as data packets, allowing organizations to make more effective use of broadband Internet while also saving money. Ottawa's Versature Corporation, a company focused on the research and development of innovative business technologies, is helping businesses of all sizes to take advantage of VoIP today.


In Versature's world of HOSTED COMMUNICATIONS, you never have to worry about outgrowing your system, paying for unused capacity, or waiting for a technician to make an expensive system change again. Versature is leveraging the power of Voice Over IP (VoIP) to change the way Small Businesses receive and pay for their telecommunications services. Versature was built from the ground up as a solution exclusively for small business. From our 611 Helpdesk support to our rent-to-own phone program, Versature GETS small business.

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