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September 25, 2007 10:13 ET

VerticalResponse Adds Most Powerful Tool Since Its Email Marketing Service Inception

Powerful List Segmentation Tool Allows Users to Divide Lists Based on Any Collected by a User as Well as Campaign Response Data, Helping Achieve Higher Response Rates

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 25, 2007) - VerticalResponse, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand email marketing and direct mail solutions, today launches the most powerful tool ever added to its marketing services. This list segmentation tool allows users to create highly targeted mailing lists based on selected criteria from standard and custom fields in their database, including demographics, product interest, purchasing behavior, and response types across multiple campaigns.

Users can segment lists to reach a narrowly defined audience for a specific offer, or can merge lists for broad messages intended for a wide audience. Marketers can also select a sample group of addresses from their lists to test email content, subject lines, or offers before initiating a campaign to an entire segment. The end result is more relevant campaigns with even higher response rates.

"We've built VerticalResponse to empower small-sized businesses to market as effectively as larger companies, and our new list segmentation solution adds a level of accuracy and precision we've been working towards for a long time," said Janine Popick, VerticalResponse CEO. "This is going to be huge for our customers, evening the playing field even further. With so many segmentation options, the possibilities are endless; as simple or complex as our customers need to make a campaign, we've built the tool to get them there."

Reflecting the extraordinary value of this tool, VerticalResponse will charge for this additional feature -- at first. At introductory pricing of $19.99 per month, the product is offered for a free two-week trial to allow each user to decide whether it works for them. VerticalResponse intends to roll this feature into a robust monthly solution with many more advanced features that will help small businesses grow.

"VerticalResponse has been an amazing solution for my company from the infant stages. It has scaled with us seamlessly as we've grown, and the new list segmentation adds an incredible value," said Albert DiPadova of Due Maternity. "While pay-as-you-go pricing has always set VerticalResponse apart from other competitors like Constant Contact, the precision made possible by this tool is worth the monthly cost. If my open rate increases by an order of magnitude, each campaign ends up being much more cost-effective."

Immense Applications

List segmentation allows users to simply segment lists by attribute that businesses collect, but to target much more specifically. Unique to VerticalResponse, lists can also be segmented based on specific campaign data. They can divide a list by customers in that region who received an email in a specific time frame, and only send a campaign to those who both opened the email and clicked on a link in a previous email.

For instance, if a recipient's email has bounced, users can send campaigns via direct mail postcard and ask for an updated email address. Postcard functionality allows marketers to create a single look and feel for a campaign, and produce and send paper postcards directly from their VerticalResponse accounts.

Users can also build a list based on purchase patterns. If a customer hasn't purchased a product in the past six months, marketers can send them a targeted offer. If they purchase frequently, they can be granted frequent-shopper access.

With VerticalResponse's recent integration of Google Analytics into its service, users can learn where their site visitors are coming from, which links in email brought them to the website, and how they interact with content once they're there. List segmentation allows them to apply this level of data in marketing campaigns to generate the most success for their business.

List segmentation is available now to both new and existing VerticalResponse customers. To find out more, please visit:

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